LL Cool J Released Third Album 30 Years Ago Today
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LL Cool J Released Third Album 30 Years Ago Today

LL Cool J Released Third Album 30 Years Ago Today

LL Cool J released third album 30 years ago today. Walking with a Panther was his third consecutive good album LL Cool J dropped. During this time period, LL Cool J transitioned into more of a lady’s man with several tracks for the females. Despite the mixed responses, Walking with a Panther went on to sell over a million records. The album was catapulted to that plateau by releasing a total of five singles from the album. Going Back to Cali was the first single and it was one of LL Cool J’s classic tracks. Going Back to Cali also appeared on the Less Than Zero Soundtrack. The single was released back at the end of January, so I’m That Type of Guy dropped in May. The gold selling single appeared on his All World: Greatest Hits album.

Big Ole Butt was the third single that dropped a little after the 4th of July. The track speaks for itself and it was another banger from LL Cool J. One Shot at Love was the fourth single released by LL Cool J. The public didn’t feel that track at all. LL Cool J released the track on Halloween of 1989. In January of 1990, LL Cool J released his fifth and final single. Jingling Baby was another classic LL Cool J track and another one of his all-time classics. During this period, LL Cool J was one of the hardest working MCs in the game. LL Cool J started released singles for his next album a year after the release of Walking with a Panther. Below is the track listing for Walking with a Panther and the stream link below.

  1. Droppin’ Em
  2. Smokin, Dopin
  3. Fast Peg
  4. Clap Your Hands
  5. Nitro
  6. You’re My Heart
  7. I’m That Type of Guy
  8. Why Do You Think They Call It Dope?
  9. Going Back to Cali
  10. It Gets Rougher
  11. Big Ole Butt
  12. One Shot at Love
  13. 1-900-LL-Cool-J
  14. Two Different Worlds
  15. Jealous
  16. Jingling Baby
  17. Def Jam in the Motherlands
  18. Change Your Ways

Honestly, this album is outside my top-5 album from LL Cool J. LL Cool J did an excellent job at picking the singles for this album. Four of the tracks were his best cuts from Walking with a Panther. What do you think about the album? What’s your favorite track from the album? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Walking with a Panther or LL Cool J.

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