Geto Boys Geto Fantasy for Throwback Thursday
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Geto Boys Geto Fantasy for Throwback Thursday

Geto Boys Geto Fantasy for Throwback Thursday

Bushwick Bill passed away Sunday night after a long bout with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Of course, Bushwick Bill was a member of the legendary Geto Boys. Bushwick Bill was 52-years-Old. Throughout the years, Bushwick Bill was thought of as crazy and some of his music reflected that. Geto Boys was the first rappers that had me wanting to rap. Of course, Scarface is one of my all-time favorite rappers. As a group, Geto Boys was everything and Rap-A-Lot Records inspired me to write them a letter. Before that, I’d write rhymes for fun and even won a couple of school talent shows. My pen game became serious after wanting to be signed by Rap-A-Lot. We Can’t Be Stopped is viewed by hip hop heads as that classic record.

Everything about that record was classic from the music to the cover that showed them leaving the hospital with Bill after he shot himself in the eye. My featured Throwback Thursday track is from their album, The Resurrection. Geto Fantasy is the name and it’s one of my favorite Geto Boys joints. Willie D, Scarface and Bushwick Bill delivered dope verses. In the end, Bushwick Bill showed his deep side. Check out the track above and let me personally recommend the Phantom of the Rapra project from Bushwick Bill. Either way, enjoy the track and Rest in Peace Bushwick Bill.

What are your thoughts about the Geto Boys? How about the track, Geto Fantasy? Is Geto Fantasy one of your favorite Geto Boys tracks? Leave some feedback about Bushwick Bill, the Geto Boys or the track, Geto Fantasy below.

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