5 Habits That Make You Look Younger Than Your Actual Age
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5 Habits That Make You Look Younger Than Your Actual Age

5 Habits That Make You Look Younger Than Your Actual Age

You often come across something in your daily routine that reminds you of your age.

When you’re opening a new account online, and one of the questions is your year of birth, scrolling down the years to choose your year can be depressing.

You feel that those years that you have just missed, asking yourself where all that quality time has gone, and knowing it won’t ever come back.

Most certainly, the good thing is that looking younger than your actual age isn’t a severe problem.

Adopt These Habits

1.    Eat Foods Rich in Vitamin C

One of the amazing characteristics of Vitamin C is that it produces a protein called collagen that is found in your skin, bones, and other connective tissues.

This protein makes your skin firmer and elastic, giving you a younger look. Common foods rich in Vitamin C are oranges, guavas, strawberries, papayas, peppers, broccoli, and parsley.

2.    Learn to Cook Effectively

By changing the way, you cook your food, you can enjoy all the nutritious elements that healthy foods contain that play a vital role in your skin texture but also contribute to boosting your immune system, keeping you healthy.

Cooking even the healthiest of foods the wrong way, and you will lose all of what they have to offer you. A common mistake we all make is cooking our vegetables either by frying them in oil or grilling them at elevated temperatures.

Try steaming your veggies, and you will not only notice the difference in taste, but also the health factors that come along with them.

3.    Go Biking

Find an activity that you loved doing back in the good old days. Riding a bike can trigger off the emotions when you first learned how to ride a bike. It will also keep you fit and active, but don’t overdo it the first couple of times. Let your body muscles adapt to your new exercise.

If you can get members of your family or close friends to join you, then that’s a bonus; spending time with your loved ones is always ‘quality time.’

Whatever your age is, if physical activity is not on your daily agenda, then your muscles will be ‘tearing and repairing’ the first few sessions. But don’t stop now; this is where most people quit.

You have two options to relieve yourself from this physical pain; either to quit altogether or to go for another biking excursion even though it might be painful.

The pain will gradually disappear, and you will regain the fitness levels that make you feel like a 20-year-old.

4.    Stop Being A Control Freak

Trying to control everyone and everything in your life will not only hurt the people around you but also maximize your stress and anxiety levels.

Admit to yourself that certain things in life, you just cannot control, and that includes people as well. Stop worrying about everyone else and concentrate on the one person you can control, and that is yourself!

5.    Stop Being Predictable

As we grow older, we like things to stay normal since change is like a curse. That’s exactly the point here; ‘old’ is linked with ‘normal,’ whereas ‘change’ is linked with ‘young.’

You get too comfortable with routine, whether it’s work or pleasure. Mix it up a bit when possible. Give your favorite restaurant a miss this week and try something new.

Your local bar will still be in the same place next week, so try somewhere new. The chances are you’ll meet new people, new friends, with different social behaviors.

If today is the day that you want to change your lifestyle, then do it today, because the more you put it off until “Next Week,” the less likely you are ever to start.

My First Sprint Triathlon

Last spring, my buddies got me into sprint triathlon, a stamina competition.

At the outset, the passion for participating originated from the support of my close friends since I don’t know exactly what the ins and outs of this sport will be, however, while I started to get myself in this sport, I started to understand its value.

A triathlon athlete must have discipline, hard work, and perseverance to survive in this competition.

A sprint triathlon is one of the sports that are rising in popularity today. It is gaining popularity because it caters to beginners of its mother sport the triathlon. It consists of three disciplines: swimming, biking, and running. It is just like the triathlon, but it is much shorter in the distance. Awareness in health also helps boost the popularity of the sport where young people are interested in joining.

Dynamic training is required for a sprint triathlon because it demands a physical tone up, especially to those that are not engaged in any sport and less experienced individual. One must have a good cardiovascular workout, and an athlete must have fit muscles for it involves multiple disciplinary activities, and each discipline needs different muscles.

All the participants wear wet suits because swimming in open water is the first part of the race. When done, sports athletes will go to the transition location; then the biking competition comes after the course that usually goes to exactly where the race started.

The final competition is the running stage where participants are required to pass along the marked course that ends at the finish line.

The sum of training needed is truly different for every person, and the amount of time it will acquire all relies on where you are in life. After several months of training, I evaluated myself and concluded that I am now fit and prepared. Therefore, I decided to join the competition and arrived early to register and get the individual race number.

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