Where Will Kevin Durant Sign During Free Agency?
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Where Will Kevin Durant Sign During Free Agency?

Where Will Kevin Durant Sign During Free Agency?

With the 2019 NBA Draft finished, it’s time to focus on free agency. This year, the free agency period starts on June 30th and this will be one of the best classes ever. The focus is what will happen with Kevin Durant when free agency hits. As we all know, Kevin Durant suffered a ruptured Achilles in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Wherever Kevin Durant signs, most likely he won’t play next season. Many think Kevin Durant is the best player on the planet. Durant have won scoring titles, a league MVP, a two-time champion and a pair of NBA Finals MVPs. Durant have stated that he’s not taking any visits and he’ll decide because any team in the league would want him. Durant can sign a 5-year deal for about $220 million if stays with Golden State. Where will Kevin Durant sing during free agency?

Golden State Warriors

When Durant went down and Golden State loss to the Raptors in the Finals, my thoughts were that Durant would return. My thinking was that this team still have unfinished business. Durant went down in Game 5 and Klay Thompson tore his ACL in Game 6. As far as Durant with the Warriors, it seems they all some form of comradery. Steph Curry took a step back and let Durant run the team. In three years, they won 2 championships together. There have been rumors of the Warriors doing a sign-and-trade that would allow him to get the max deal.

New York Knicks

For almost a year, Kevin Durant have been linked to the New York Knicks. The Knicks are starting to piece together a nice, young team. If Durant were to sign a 5-year deal, the Knicks would have a year to put together a nice team around him. The Knicks drafted R.J. Barrett with the 3rd pick, could him and Durant play well together? If you have the chance to sign Durant, they could continue to piece together around more talent around him. New York have about $70 million dollars in cap space to spend.

Brooklyn Nets

This is another team that’s been linked to Kevin Durant also. Many have speculated that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will play together in the future. Brooklyn have been that favorite to land both of them when free agency starts. Brooklyn is coming off an amazing season and they were to add Durant; their future looks bright.

Los Angeles Clippers

Could Durant remain out West? The Los Angeles Lakers is making all the noise in Los Angeles with the Anthony Davis trade. The Clippers have some young assets and coming off a great season that saw them make the playoffs. The Clippers have room for 2 max players and in the running for Kawhi Leonard. If Durant and Leonard were to sign with the Clippers, Durant would miss a season. If Leonard were to go there, the Clippers would still be a playoff team.


Where do you see Kevin Durant signing his new deal? Where do you want to see Kevin Durant play next season? Leave some feedback anything related to Kevin Durant and his impending free agency.

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