Entertainment for Entertainment’s Sake

Entertainment for Entertainment’s Sake

Entertainment for Entertainment’s Sake

In a world dominated by interconnectivity and an endless amount of entertainment, it is surprising that essential tasks are still accomplished around the world. While this is the case as of now, many in this world are pushing for artificial intelligence to take over the workforce entirely. When one observes the type of tasks that some people complete for work, it is only a matter of time until this becomes a reality. With this said, Facebook recently announced a contractual position which could be seen as another way of entertaining the masses. This opportunity demonstrates the type of path humanity is moving toward, and many are excited about it. Entertainment personalities such as David Guillod are aware of the changing landscape in this sector.

Spying on Yourself

If you have ever been on Facebook, you are likely to have seen the multitude of surveys available for users to take. While some of these surveys ask silly questions and provide hilarious answers, each of these surveys is a means of acquiring more data about you. Instead of concealing this type of behavior behind questionable business practices, Facebook is looking to hire individuals who are eighteen and older to spy on themselves. These openings would provide Facebook with a plethora of data which would be passed through to make existing services function better. The typical day would involve expressing how you interact with applications in great detail. While the previous phrase may appear to be an oxymoron, observing how you use applications could provide insight into your behaviors. With an application with an appealing design, this type of work can be seen as another form of entertainment.

Becoming a Part of Something Bigger

It comes as no surprise to many that Facebook is working on its form of artificial intelligence and virtual reality offerings. A few years ago now, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift and will most likely make more acquisitions in this space over time. Somehow, Facebook has created an entertaining way for consumers to hand over personal data in a legal manner that will provide a benefit to existing services. Facebook has promised to continuously remind users that they are participating in this project, so they are not alarmed in the future. All of this data is most likely being collected to provide more information for the artificial intelligence they are working on. It will be interesting to see how all of this data manifests itself in reality over time.

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