5 Rainy Day Activities to Bring the Family Together

5 Rainy Day Activities to Bring the Family Together

5 Rainy Day Activities to Bring the Family Together

Summer is the time of year where families come together and enjoy good food, good weather and make some good memories. Whether you’re planning fun filled days down at the beach, afternoons in the park, a holiday to somewhere new or travelling to see relatives, the summer break is always eagerly anticipated.

But sometimes, the weather isn’t always on your side, and the kids are grumpy and fed up of being stuck indoors. And you’re getting more and more stressed everyone squabbling and not getting along. What happened to your summer of happy memories?! The truth is, even if you have an endless budget money isn’t an object, sometimes the simplest and most straightforward activities are the ones the kids love the most. For ways of boosting your budget with an investment piece, like gold dollar coins, silver and other investments click here.

Looking for a little inspiration? Read on for 5 rainy day activities that will bring the family together.

A movie afternoon

Rain lashing at the windows, the temperature has cooled off, why not get close with the ones you love and watch a family movie together? Let the kids choose a movie each and you can watch them in turn. Just remember to provide lots of popcorn and snacks!


It’s not uncommon for the kids reading skills to slide a little during the summer break. They’re too busy enjoying themselves to worry about schoolwork! But on those never ending rainy days, it’s a good idea to sit together and read a book. It could be a book they read to you, or you could choose something to read to them. It could be a short story, or something to keep you all occupied throughout the summer – the perfect excuse to visit the library. After each story or chapter, ask them about their favourite part, or see if they can predict what will happen next. It’s a great way to work on their comprehension.

Get them vlogging

Do you have an Influencer in the making? Why not let the kids loose with a camera or even your phone (if you dare) and let them vlog their days? You’ll be amazed at what activities they can suddenly find to occupy themselves with! Once they’ve finished recording, you can sit with them and help them edit their videos – you can download free editing software online – put them together, add on some cool music and even a few graphics then sit as a family and watch it together!

Build a fort

This takes me back to my own childhood! When it was raining outside, we’d always enjoy making forts, dens and tents out of old sheets, bed linen and strategically placed chairs. Help the kids with their creations and make sure it’s filled with lots of cushions and pillows for comfort. They could even eat their lunches in there!

Have a clear out

What better time to go through the kid’s bedrooms then when they’re stuck indoors? Go through their old toys and clothes and see what could be donated to charity! The kids will certainly help!

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