Tha Carter from Lil Wayne Turns 15 Years Old Today
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Tha Carter from Lil Wayne Turns 15 Years Old Today

Tha Carter from Lil Wayne Turns 15 Years Old Today

Tha Carter from Lil Wayne turns 15-years-old today. Tha Carter was his fourth solo album and it was the start of Lil Wayne becoming a megastar. Seeing I’m a huge hip hop head, I’ve followed Lil Wayne ever since he was a teenager with the Hot Boys. Two years prior, Lil Wayne dropped 500 Degreez which was sort of a jab at Juvenile. With Tha Carter, Lil Wayne started to grow more as a rapper and his schemes matured in the process. Sometimes people tend to forget that Wayne was only 21 when this album dropped. A couple years prior is when people started noticing Lil Wayne with those classic Sqad Up mixtapes. Within two years, Lil Wayne released about 10 mixtapes. The Carter is the first of now five installments of the series with the Carter V finally being released last year.

Bring It Back was the first single from the album, and it featured the legendary Mannie Fresh. The track was released in the spring of 2004. Wayne didn’t release another single from the album until the Fall of 2004. Go DJ was the track and it featured Mannie Fresh once again. Go DJ was a dope track and it laid the foundation to what the album would sound like. Tha Carter have gone on to sell over two million records and he became the star of Cash Money Records. During that time, Birdman was feuding with the rest of the Hot Boys over money. On Tha Carter, Lil Wayne featured I Miss My Dawgs which is talking about missing Juvenile, B.G. and Turk. Overall, this is a really good album from Lil Wayne as it showed his growth as an MC. Check out the track listing and stream link below.

  1. Walk In
  2. Go DJ ft. Mannie Fresh
  3. This is the Carter ft. Mannie Fresh
  4. BM Jr.
  5. On the Block #1 (Skit)
  6. I Miss My Dawgs ft. Reel
  7. We Don’t ft. Birdman
  8. On My Own ft. Reel
  9. Tha Heat
  10. Cash Money Millionaires
  11. Inside
  12. Bring It Back ft. Mannie Fresh
  13. Who Wanna
  14. On Tha Block #2 (Skit)
  15. Get Down ft. Birdman
  16. Snitch
  17. Hoes ft. Mannie Fresh
  18. Only Way ft. Birdman
  19. Earthquake ft. Jazze Pha
  20. Ain’t That a Bitch
  21. Walk Out

Where are my Lil Wayne fans? Do you remember Tha Carter album? What are your thoughts about Tha Carter? What’s your favorite track off Tha Carter? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Lil Wayne or Tha Carter.

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