6 Mini Home Makeovers for Guys Who Live Alone
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6 Mini Home Makeovers for Guys Who Live Alone

6 Mini Home Makeovers for Guys Who Live Alone

Decorating the place, you live in doesn’t have to be a challenging task, especially for those who are living on their own. The first thing you need to consider is the purpose of the remodeling, to begin with. Are you looking to make the place more aesthetically pleasing or more functional? Second, are you making the place that will fit your personality or the one that you’ll be proud to display on social media and greet guests at? Remember that the last two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Regardless of what you’re aiming to achieve, here are six things you can do in order to make the odds move in your favor.

1. Work area

Instead of making a home office, you could at least set up a work area in your office. Dual-purpose rooms are all the rage and they’re particularly popular in small flats. This is especially true for bedroom-offices or closet offices. All you need to do is outfit a corner of your home with a suitable desk and an ergonomic chair and there you have it. The biggest downside of this method is the fact that, if you’re running a home-based business, you won’t be able to get a utility deduction. For this, you need to have a proper home office, seeing as how a dual-purpose room doesn’t qualify.

2. Entertainment center

6 Mini Home Makeovers for Guys Who Live Alone

The next thing you need to consider is setting an entertainment center or a home theater. Regardless if you need a spot for your console/gaming pc or simply want to enjoy a quiet game with guys, what you need are a proper screen, a quality sound system and a proper seating. While getting a smart TV is clearly a superior choice, you can get a better price-per-inch of the screen with a projector. This, however, also means that you would have to prepare the wall in question with a suitable color or a retractable canvas. As for the sound system, both 2.1 and 5.1 can do the job and there’s no need for getting something as excessive as 7.1 system.

3. Remote control

6 Mini Home Makeovers for Guys Who Live Alone

In order to make living in your home as comfortable as it can get, what you need to do is try and automate different functions so that they’re remotely controlled. A smart lighting system can allow you to control the light fixtures with your voice or your smartphone or even check in on them while you’re not at home. A similar thing can be done with the control of natural light due to the fact that companies like Marlow & Finch set up blinds systems that can be controlled from anywhere in the world. Other than this, appliances like AC units, thermostats and even kettles can be remotely controlled nowadays.

4. Adequate storage

There are two words to describe adequate storage – secure and accessible. These are the two basic principles that need to govern your decision-making process. Still, while all of your items need to be secure, not all of them need to be equally accessible. For instance, in your kitchen, closed shelving reduces the amount of work that you have to invest in maintenance, while somewhat restricting accessibility. Make sure to set your priorities straight when making this and similar choices.

5. Personalizing place

One of the best things about living alone is the fact that you don’t really have to consult or debate anyone when you want to add an item to the overall layout of your home. For instance, if you want to put your collection of figurines somewhere on display, there’s no reason for you to avoid doing so. Same goes for your sports equipment, jerseys of your favorite players and more. Also, keep in mind that there are some accessories that are universally fun, like, for instance, a giant mural of the planet earth where all the places that you’ve already been to are marked. This is both an accessory and a tool to help you visualize your goals.

6. Going monochrome

When it comes to the palette of the place, you can always opt for a minimalist method of going monochrome. The tip for pulling this off is fairly simple, you pick your favorite color and then decorate the entire place in its nuances. The restrictions that this puts on you are quite challenging and fun at the same time. Of course, combining with white is allowed, which is why painting an accent wall is definitely an option worth considering.

In conclusion

In the end, there’s only one metric to whether the project itself was a success – your own opinion of it and your impression when you look at the place afterward. Due to the fact that you’re designing your own living environment, you shouldn’t take opinions of others at a face value or try to apply one-size-fits-all solutions. Drawing inspiration from various sources, however, is another thing entirely.

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