4 Things to Check When Planning The Perfect Road Trip
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4 Things to Check When Planning The Perfect Road Trip

Planning a great road trip is a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter if you are going for work or a holiday, there are very few things in life as pleasant as driving down an open road, with the windows down, and listening to your music. Driving can be a very peaceful thing – of course, that is only if you discount traffic jams and bad drivers in front of you. If you are a good driver, long road trips are more enjoyable. Here are some tips from planning a great road trip.

4 Things to Check When Planning The Perfect Road Trip


Before you set out on any long trips, you should double-check that you aren’t going to be breaking any rules in your car insurance. Some are only valid in certain countries and venturing outside of that will see it voided. Another great idea is to have a camera from blackboxmycar fitted. So that if anything does happen, you will have the proof you need to hand.


The key to a great playlist is looking at the hours of travel time you have, and doubling the length of time in music. Create different playlists for different landscapes and driving times. In general, you should avoid having soft relaxing music playing in the evening as you are more likely to get tired. You can’t always get a radio signal in all areas, and no one loves to listen to the rumble of the engine for miles. So create something on Spotify, iTunes, or Deezer.


There are going to be multiple ways to get to your destination. Decide the type of views that you want, and set them up in advance on an app like Google Maps or Waze. If you need to arrive by a specific time, you can set reminders in the apps too. Waze used to have the upper hand for travelers because it has a speedometer, but Google Maps is now rolling out the same functionality. However, google maps can have your iTunes (and other music streaming services) more readily accessible if you are playing music from your phone too. Of course, no matter what option you choose, your phone is simply there as a satnav and shouldn’t be used in any other way until you have pulled over.


Comfort is a big deal in your car, and long road trips can leave you hungry and thirsty. Snack stops can be costly, so where possible pack yourself plenty of drinks and snacks. You’ll still need to pull over to enjoy them, just for safety but you’ll save yourself a decent amount of cash in doing so. You should also carry out safety checks on your car – the breaks, lights, ensure your first aid kit is in the boot and put a torch in the passenger glove compartment too. Screenwash, oil levels, and water levels should be checked too.

Although it might be tempting to try and get as far as you can even while you are tired, it is better that the moment you begin to feel weary you find somewhere to pull over for the evening and rest. Planning your route well will mean you have put in stops along the way to your destination and will never be driving for more than a few hours without a rest.

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