Best of Suave House Records for Mixtape Friday
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Best of Suave House Records for Mixtape Friday

Best of Suave House Records for Mixtape Friday

Friday is finally here and that means it’s time for another Mixtape Friday. Last week’s Very Best of Jadakiss was well-received and this time we have another gem. One of my favorite record labels growing was Suave House Records. Many people remember Suave House Records being the home of 8Ball & MJG. 8Ball & MJG are one of my favorite duos ever in hip hop. Suave House Records was also the home of Tela, South Circle and Mr. Mike. In addition to the four albums from 8Ball & MJG, Tela released his classic Piece of Mind album. South Circle dropped one album called Anotha Day, Anotha Dolla. Mr. Mike is also part of South Circle with Thorough and he dropped an album called Wicked Wayz. Suave House Records dropped a compilation album also. Below is the track listing for the 75 songs and it’s followed by the stream link.

  1. Lay It Down- 8Ball & MJG ft. Crime Boss & Thorough
  2. Space Age Pimpin- 8Ball & MJG
  3. Sho Nuff ft. Tela ft. 8Ball & MJG
  4. Pimps- 8Ball & MJG
  5. Put ‘Em Up- Crime Boss
  6. Unsolved Mysteries- South Circle ft. Tela & 8Ball
  7. Just Like Candy- 8Ball & MJG
  8. Tired of Ballin’- Tela
  9. Big- 8Ball & MJG
  10. Stop Lying- Mr. Mike ft. 8Ball & MJG
  11. So What U Sayin- 8Ball & MJG
  12. Starships and Rockets- 8Ball
  13. Story Goes- Crime Boss ft. 8Ball
  14. Comin Out Hard- 8Ball & MJG
  15. Big Chiefing- Crime Boss
  16. That Girl- MJG
  17. For Real- 8Ball & MJG
  18. Strange- Tela ft. Mr. Mike & Crime Boss
  19. Untouchable- Mr. Mike
  20. The Artist Pays the Price- 8Ball
  21. 9 Millimeter Boys- 8Ball & MJG
  22. Anotha Day in the Hood- 8Ball & MJG
  23. Chemical Imbalance- Crime Boss ft. 8Ball
  24. Time- 8Ball
  25. Bounce with Me- 8Ball
  26. It’s Going Down- South Circle
  27. The Chick- Crime Boss
  28. Players Night Out- 8Ball & MJG
  29. Where Ya Love At- Mr. Mike
  30. Intro- All in the Game- Crime Boss
  31. Wicked Wayz- Mr. Mike ft. Ice Cube
  32. On Top of the World- 8Ball & MJG
  33. Love Hurts- 8Ball & MJG ft. Nina Creque
  34. Armed Robbery- 8Ball & MJG
  35. Hand of the Devil- 8Ball & MJG
  36. Dusk Till Dawn- The Fedz
  37. Piece of Mind- Tela
  38. New Day- South Circle
  39. My Homeboy’s Girlfriend- 8Ball
  40. The First Episode- 8Ball & MJG
  41. In the Line of Duty- 8Ball & MJG
  42. U Can’t Tell- Tela
  43. Final Call- South Circle
  44. Total Shock- Mr. Mike
  45. Fry- Crime Boss
  46. Paid Dues- 8Ball & MJG ft. CeeLo Green
  47. Questions- Thorough
  48. Let’s Ride- 8Ball ft. MJG
  49. Attitudes- South Circle
  50. What Do You See- 8Ball & MJG
  51. Lost- 8Ball
  52. Twisted- Tela
  53. Niggas Like Us- 8Ball & MJG
  54. Gotta Maintain- South Circle
  55. Friend or Foe- 8Ball & MJG ft. E-40, Big Mike & Mac Mall
  56. Pimps in the House- 8Ball & MJG
  57. Crumbz 2 Brixx- 8Ball & MJG
  58. Everyday Allday- South Circle
  59. Suave House- Tela
  60. Put Tha House On It- 8Ball
  61. Lick Em Up Shot- 8Ball & MJG
  62. Pure Uncut- 8Ball ft. Master P, Silkk the Shocker & Psychodrama
  63. Pimpin Ain’t Easy- MJG
  64. We Started This- 8Ball & MJG
  65. Middle of the Night- MJG ft. 8Ball
  66. Anotha Day Anotha Balla- South Circle
  67. Rider- Tela
  68. Sesshead Funk Junky- 8Ball & MJG ft. MC Breed
  69. Going Off- Crime Boss
  70. Throw You Hands Up- 8Ball & MJG ft. Outkast
  71. Life is Crying- Nola ft. Nina Creque
  72. All 4 Nuthin- 8Ball
  73. No Escape- South Circle
  74. Shine and Recline- MJG ft. 8Ball
  75. Dope Fiction- Mr. Mike

Do you remember Suave House Records? What were some of your favorite music from them? What’s the album that sticks out the most? Leave some feedback about Suave House Records or this Mixtape Friday.

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