Destiny’s Child Dropped Second Album 20 Years Ago
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Destiny’s Child Dropped Second Album 20 Years Ago

Destiny’s Child Dropped Second Album 20 Years Ago

Destiny’s Child was one of the greatest groups during their time together. They released their self-titled album a year before and it went on to sell over a million copies. Bills, Bills, Bills was the first single from Destiny’s Child off the new album. The single became their first one to go number 1 in the country. Bug A Boo was their second single and it didn’t quite do as good as their first one. The video for Bug A Boo was well-received despite the single not doing great. The album went on to sell over 6 million copies and solidified themselves as one of the great groups. Destiny’s Child wasn’t finished as they dropped the single for Say My Name. Say My Name became their second single to reach number 1 on the Billboard Charts. Say My Name was the Grammy for Best R&B song.

After Say My Name, Destiny’s Child released their fourth and final single. Jumpin, Jumpin was the final single and it was released on the 4th of July in 2000. Jumpin, Jumpin was another success as it reached to number 3 on the Billboard Charts. For me, The Writings on the Wall is my favorite album from Destiny’s Child. It’s hard to believe that its been 15 years since they dropped their final album together. Check out the track listing and stream links below.

  1. Intro (The Writing’s on the Wall)
  2. So Good
  3. Bills, Bills, Bills
  4. Confessions ft. Missy Elliott
  5. Bug A Boo
  6. Temptation
  7. Now That She’s Gone
  8. Where’d You Go
  9. Hey Ladies
  10. If You Leave
  11. Jumpin, Jumpin
  12. Say My Name
  13. She Can’t Love You
  14. Stay
  15. Sweet Sixteen
  16. Outro (Amazing Grace) (Dedicated to Andretta Tillman)

Do you remember their The Writing on the Wall album? What’s your favorite track or tracks off the album? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Destiny’s Child or the featured album.

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