Hot Boys Guerilla Warfare Released 20 Years Ago
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Hot Boys Guerilla Warfare Released 20 Years Ago

Hot Boys Guerilla Warfare Released 20 Years Ago

After the passing of 2Pac and Biggie, there weren’t many artists that intrigued me a lot. During this time, Cash Money and No Limit start popping off. I’ll be honest, No Limit was my favorite and they’re my second favorite record label. Cash Money Records started coming into its own with a group of young artists. Lil Wayne, B.G., Juvenile and Turk emerged as the Hot Boyz back in 1997. Get It How U Live was their first album together and it was a southern classic. Before dropping their debut album, B.G. was already three albums in and gearing up to drop his fourth solo project. Lil Wayne teamed with B.G. to form the BGz for the True Story album back in 1995. Lil Wayne have gone on to become one of the more influential rappers to the newer generation.

Lil Wayne have gone on to release 12 albums, three compilations, 2 EPs and unprecedented 25 mixtapes. After a long wait and legal battle with Cash Money, Lil Wayne finally released the Carter V last year. Juvenile really got things popping for Cash Money with his 400 Degreez album. Juvenile have left and came back to Cash Money many times over the years. Currently, Juvenile is with Cash Money and he recently dropped Just Anotha Gangsta with Birdman. Last, but not least we have Turk who’s dropped five solo albums. Turk spent several years in prison and he is still with Cash Money Records. As far as the Guerilla Warfare album, the album went on to sell over a million copies. We on Fire was the first single and it was nice with all four of them spitting.

We on Fire was a dope track, but their second single is what got things popping. I Need a Hot Girl was the second single and it was a hot track that everybody was crazy about. Everybody was on the track except Juvenile and it was one of their better songs. Overall, the album was straight, but I wouldn’t call it a classic. Check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. Intro (Hot & Spicy) ft. Mannie Fresh
  2. We on Fire
  3. Respect My Mind
  4. Help
  5. Ridin’
  6. Off Tha Porch (Skit)
  7. Get Out the Way
  8. Clear the Set
  9. I Feel
  10. Boys at War
  11. You Dig
  12. I Need A Hot Girl
  13. Tuesdays & Thursdays
  14. Bout Whatever
  15. Sick Uncle (Skit)
  16. Shoot 1st
  17. Too Hot

Who remembers the Hot Boys? How about their Guerilla Warfare album? What do you remember from the Guerilla Warfare album? What’s your favorite track off the Guerilla Warfare project? Leave some feedback below about the Hot Boys or the Guerilla Warfare album.

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