5 Most Popular eLiquid Flavor Trends of 2019

5 Most Popular eLiquid Flavor Trends of 2019

5 Most Popular eLiquid Flavor Trends of 2019

Vaping is hugely popular and if you are enjoying the experience you may well want to broaden your horizons and try some new flavors to enjoy. There are quite a few must-try beverage e liquid flavors to tempt your taste buds and a good way of working out which ones to try would be to see which flavors are currently trending. Here is a look at some trending eLiquids that should be on your radar if you are seeking out a new taste experience.

A UK brand that is proving popular

There is a cheeky upstart that decided to produce their own version of some of the most popular flavor profiles and Breaking Blue has managed to hit the sweet spot with vapers who are looking for a low-cost alternative to the established Vampire Vape Heisenberg.

Heisenberg sets the benchmark with its flavor profiles and what Breaking Blue Blue Cranston has managed to do is to produce a flavor that is considered fruitier than Vampire Vape, and is kinder on your wallet too.

A select range of flavors

If you are going to only produce three juice flavors in your range you need to get them right and Coil Spill has managed to do just that. Top of such a limited pile is RKOI, which delivers an awesome strawberry champagne taste that might not appeal when you read the description but does when you taste it.

No need for artificial sweeteners

Next up on the list is an offering from Northland Vapor, whose mantra is to give you a premium quality flavor experience for a budget price tag. The biggest winner in their range is their Blu Razzz flavor which manages to hit you with a sweet yet slightly tart taste sensation without having to resort to adding any sweeteners. Giving that big a flavor hit without sweeteners is no mean feat and that is why Blu Razz makes the grade on the trending list.

A maverick producer who thinks outside the box

Innovation is always to be encouraged and Bogan Brews is the brainchild of a disruptive punk who goes by the name of the Vaping Bogan, and their Ducks Nuts delivers an awesome flavor experience. You can’t guess what the flavor is from the name but the Ducks Nuts is like biting your way through a truly flavorsome cherry jam doughnut that keeps on giving you that jam hit with every bite. The cherry and the doughnut combo is a real winner and its no wonder it is trending.

A classic flavor with a stunningly different twist

Last but not least, Vaper Treats deserves a mention for its Cookies and Custard vaping experience. Custard is a flavor that continues to dominate as a popular choice with vapers but when you mix it up with a crumbly cookie taste it turns into something that definitely leaves a favorable impression when you try it. If you think you had tried the full range of dessert flavors be prepared for a new taste sensation.


How many of these trending flavors are you tempted to try this year?

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