7 Ideas To Create The Ultimate Kid's Games Room
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7 Ideas To Create The Ultimate Kid’s Games Room

Want to create the ultimate game room for your kids? Look no further!


1. Use the Square Footage Wisely

Make a wish list and then figure out what you’re going to do with the square footage. Unless you have a huge room the actual size of an arcade, it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to fit absolutely everything you want in there. Computer gaming, pool tables, board games, and even virtual reality are all options you can consider when creating this game’s room. If you decide to include a game’s table, remember you’re going to need around 3 feet of space around them at a minimum. If you want a retro feel, looking into a Pacman arcade game for sale could be a good idea – just make sure you have the space for it. If your child loves arcades, a fully-fledged arcade game will make the perfect addition to their game’s room.

2. Pick the Perfect Furniture

Chances are, you’re going to need to pick some awesome furniture that the kids can sit in to play. You have a number of options for this. There are beanbags, but if you want something a little more ergonomically friendly, an egg chair that has been wired for sound can make the perfect gaming partner.

7 Ideas To Create The Ultimate Kid's Games Room

3. Keep Score

Most games require you to keep score to some degree, so find a fun way of doing that. You could install a whiteboard or chalkboard somewhere, or for something a little different try chalkboard paint! Kids will love being able to keep score on the wall.

4. Soundproof It

Kids tend to make a lot of noise when they are having fun, so don’t be afraid to soundproof the game’s room so the rest of the house will not be disturbed. Two options you can try out include insulation and sound panels, however, there are many other options that you can look at.

5. Select A Theme

Selecting a theme for the room could make it even more special for the kids. What are their favorite sports, game’s characters, or games in general? If you consider yourself a little arty, you could always paint a mural for them on the wall. You could even use wallpaper and wall stickers to communicate the theme.

6. Install a big TV

A big TV can sometimes be better for games, but it can also be better for viewing parties, too. The kids will feel like they have their very own theater room!

7. Think About Lighting Carefully

Chances are, you’ll need to incorporate a few different lighting sources if you want the ideal games room. Task lighting is essential for certain kinds of games, but a viewing party will require dimmed lighting to get the right atmosphere. For a fun feel, colored lighting and even light up signs can add to that retro feel.


Your kids will be delighted at the prospect of their own games room – if they are old enough, ask for their input on what games/themes they would like and make your own life easier!

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