D.O.C Released Classic Debut 30 Years Ago
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D.O.C Released Classic Debut 30 Years Ago

D.O.C Released Classic Debut 30 Years Ago

The legendary D.O.C. released his classic debut 30 years ago today. The D.O.C. was a part of Ruthless Records and after his album dropped, he had next on the west. Unfortunately, that never came about because he crushed his larynx in a car accident. No One Can Do It Better was an instant classic as it featured some of Dr. Dre’s best production. No One Can Do It Better eventually went platinum and was well-received by all the hip hop heads. D.O.C. released four singles and two of them were a couple of the best tracks from the album. It’s Funky Enough was the first single and it started off the album. For all my hip hop fans, No One Can Do It Better isn’t the only classic that dropped today. EPMD’s Unfinished Business also dropped and So Wat Cha Sayin was their big hit from the album.

The D.O.C. & The Doctor was the second single and it didn’t create a huge buzz. The Formula was the third single from the album. Once again, Dr. Dre produced it and the track was a banger. Overall, No One Can Do It Better is one of those albums you need in your collection. We normally talk about tragedies in hip hop and the artist passing away before they reach their potential. With D.O.C, he’s alive and well but his career was cut short despite having vocal surgeries. Below you can peep the track listing for No One Can Do It Better and the stream link.

  1. It’s Funky Enough
  2. Mind Blowin’
  3. Lend Me an Ear
  4. Comm. Blues ft. Miche’le
  5. Let the Bass Go
  6. Beautiful but Deadly
  7. The D.O.C & The Doctor
  8. No One Can Do It Better
  9. Whirlwind Pyramid
  10. Comm. 2 ft. MC Ren
  11. The Formula
  12. Portrait of a Masterpiece
  13. The Grand Finale ft. N.W.A.

Where are my hip hop fans? Do you remember D.O.C? How about his No One Can Do It Better album? Leave some feedback below about D.O.C. or his featured album.

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