What Are the Different Golf Cart Options?
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What Are the Different Golf Cart Options?

What Are the Different Golf Cart Options?

Buying a golf cart requires some serious decision-making. Just like you would when buying a car, you need to weigh the pros and cons of every available golf cart option out there.

There are many factors to consider and questions to answer. Can I afford a brand new golf cart? Does a preowned golf cart work the same? Which should I buy: gas or electric? The queries just keep coming!

If you have these questions lined up in your head, you should. A golf cart is a great investment to make, so it’s imperative to give it a second—and a third and fourth—thought.

Don’t worry—this guide will lay down the different golf cart options you can consider before making that purchase.

Used versus New

Used or preowned golf carts are almost always cheaper than new ones. This is an easy plus for so many people who want to get a golf cart. But as they say, you get what you pay for. So you better be careful when picking one out.

Here are some of the major pros and cons of a used and a brand-new golf cart.

  • Preowned Golf Carts


The lower price advantage makes used golf carts an easy choice. There are so many used golf carts out there that are practically brand-new. It’s either they’re well taken care of despite the years, or they have been refurbished to work just like they’re new. The good thing is that you can get one for half the cost.

Golf carts can last for quite a long time, so make sure to do a proper inspection before giving it a go. You’ll want to know the maintenance history to make sure it has been cared for properly.

  • Brand-New Golf Carts

Brand new golf carts are, well, brand-new. This means that you’re expected to receive the best quality there is. Oftentimes, buying a brand-new golf cart will give you a warranty from the manufacturer or dealer you’re buying it from. This should help cover the costs should anything go wrong with the product.

Electric versus Gas

When it comes to choosing between an electric and a gas golf cart, it all boils down to personal preference. It’s a common misconception that electric golf carts are costlier to maintain because of the batteries. The truth is that operating costs for both options are essentially equal in total.

When choosing between gas and electric carts, these additional factors can help you make a decision:

  • Electric Golf Carts

If you want the more maintenance-free option, an electric golf cart is the one for you. It is convenient, less noisy, and eco-friendly—it won’t emit carbon. As long as you take care of your batteries and its battery charger, electric golf carts will go a long way.

However, it can be tricky to gauge when your cart’s battery will run out. It will also take a while to recharge. Aside from this, electric carts are known for having less power and speed compared to the gas types.

  • Gas Golf Carts

Gas golf carts are essentially faster and have better pulling power. Unlike electric carts, they don’t need charging time. Simply add more fuel if your gas golf cart runs out of power—no waiting required. Since they have faster speeds, gas golf carts are usually permitted to run on the streets.

The downside to gas types is that they require more maintenance such as filters, tune-ups, and oil changes, among others. The fuel also produces more pollution.

Three Key Tips in Buying a Golf Cart

Now that you have some ideas about the different golf cart options, apply these three key tips when finding the perfect golf cart for you.

1. Check your local dealer.

Avoid buying the first golf cart you see online. While there are reputable dealers on the web, it’s always better to personally see the product beforehand before making a decision. This will give you a better view of the look, size, and feel of the cart you choose. You will also be able to ask questions straight from the dealer.

2.  Don’t skip the accessories.

Consider the available accessories and customizations that go with your chosen golf cart. This will ensure that your golf cart will perform its best on the dirt and on the road. Some of the accessories may purely be for entertainment, but some—like a long-lasting battery charger—are essential to keep your golf cart running.

3. Ask about maintenance.

Golf carts require maintenance even when they’re not in use. Make sure to ask your dealer what maintenance and tune-up your golf cart requires before you bring it home. You may need to follow a maintenance schedule to ensure that it performs optimally and won’t break down anytime soon.


Different golf cart options have different wins and downsides. At the end of the day, the perfect choice will all come down to however you like it. So choose wisely!

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