Murda Muzik by Mobb Deep Dropped 20 Years Ago
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Murda Muzik by Mobb Deep Dropped 20 Years Ago

Murda Muzik by Mobb Deep Dropped 20 Years Ago

Mobb Deep is one of the illest duos to ever touch the mic. Unfortunately, Prodigy passed away a couple years ago and he appears on most people’s top MCs list. On this day 20 years ago, Mobb Deep released their 4th album, Murda Muzik. Murda Muzik was the follow-up to their Hell on Earth in 1996. Hell on Earth was a classic and Mobb Deep waited on almost three years until they dropped another project. Murda Muzik featured Nas, Lil Kim, Raekwon, Kool G. Rap, 8Ball, Lil Cease and Cormega. Quiet Storm was their first single and it was released about five months before Murda Muzik dropped. Quiet Storm is a dope track and the instrumental are still used whenever a rapper wants to freestyle. The track took off when the remix dropped, and it featured none other than Lil Kim.

A couple weeks after Murda Muzik dropped, Mobb Deep released another single. Its Mine was the single and it featured their Queensbridge homie, Nas. Many people loved the track, for me this was one that just didn’t do it for me. Murda Muzik was their most successful album as it sold over two million records. With Prodigy’s rhythms and production from Havoc, Mobb Deep had an incredible sound. This project is probably my favorite overall album from Mobb Deep. Check out the track listing and the stream link below.

  1. Intro
  2. Streets Raised Me ft. Big Noyd & Chinky
  3. What’s Ya Poison ft. Cormega
  4. Spread Love
  5. Let A Hoe Be A Hoe
  6. I’m Going Out ft. Lil Cease
  7. Allustrious
  8. Adrenaline
  9. Where Ya From ft. 8Ball
  10. Quiet Storm
  11. Where Ya Heart At
  12. Noyd Interlude
  13. Can’t Fuck Wit ft. Raekwon
  14. Thug Muzik ft. Infamous Mobb & Chinky
  15. Murda Muzik
  16. The Realest ft. Kool G. Rap
  17. S.A. (Aiight Then)
  18. It’s Mine ft. Nas
  19. Quiet Storm (Remix) ft. Lil Kim

Where are all my Mobb Deep fans? Do you remember their album? What was your favorite track off the album? Leave some feedback about anything related to Mobb Deep or their album.

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