Great Ways Massage Therapy Is the Hottest in 2019

Great Ways Massage Therapy Is the Hottest in 2019

Great Ways Massage Therapy Is the Hottest in 2019

Changes are bound to happen in the lifestyle of people over time. It is even more prominent in our current socio-political situation, with serious lifestyle changes occurring regularly. We have seen so many turns of events, from fashion choices to hot jobs, reigning songs, and diet options.

Talking about jobs, it is safe to say that people have taken renewed interests in jobs that offer more income and other benefits like holidays, simpler schedules, and whatever makes it easy to balance life and work.

According to Tori Smedley from A1 Myotherapy Ringwood, “the world has also deviated from the norm of corporate jobs, which require you to spend several years in college. The focus now is on “skills” jobs, such as being a massage therapy.” A hotshot job like massage therapy is even more feasible, considering that there are massage schools that work in line with your education goals.  There are also swift promotion schedules as well as a good life outside work.

Massage Therapy

Before now, people hardly consider massage therapy as a hotshot job because it is believed to have a low market demand. This is understandable, after all, getting a massage is all shades of luxury and is nothing ordinary like getting a coffee at a café.

The luxurious interiors and the cozy environment at spas suggest how expensive the service can be. However, in current times, almost everyone can afford massage therapy irrespective of their social status. We all can now relax and enjoy a healing massage at affordable rates.

With more people now finding massage therapy affordable, the market has consequently boomed, presenting viable and lucrative opportunities for people looking to become massage therapists. Being a massage therapist comes with a lot of perks, notably the freedom to work when and how you want and getting paid handsomely while at it.

Brighter Future

There is a rich history to massage therapy as a profession. However, the future appears even brighter than history has ever been.  The career is massively growing and boast impressive employment growth and reduced unemployment rates. If you are wondering how and why massage therapy is the next big thing in the industry, the following points will give you an insight;

  1. Excellent Employment Setup

There has been a continuous and impressive increase in the employment rate of massage therapists over the years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapists will find more employment opportunities in the United States. This will continue till 2026, and at a rate higher than what is projected in other occupations.  The projected increase of massage therapy occupation opportunities is 26%, compared to the 7% expected for the average or total occupations and 22% projected for other health care support occupations.

  1. More people can now be helped

The primary reason everyone is taking a job is to get paid enough to live a comfortable life. The secondary reason is to have a sense of purpose. We have seen several workers leave their jobs because it doesn’t give them a sense of purpose despite paying them handsomely.

People are naturally inclined to jobs that involve providing direct service – jobs like massage therapy. Being a massage therapist give you a sense of purpose while allowing you to provide direct service to everyone who requires such.

The current rise in the spread of destructive lifestyles means that the demand for massage therapists and their expertise will skyrocket. More people will need massage therapies to manage pains and ultimately feel better. The role of massage therapy to a healthy lifestyle and overall medical treatment cannot be overemphasized.

According to the American Massage Association statistics of 2018, about 47% of the American population underwent massage therapy for health and medical reasons, especially pain management, between 2016 and 2017. Likewise, about 29% underwent massage therapy to ease stress and relax better.

  1. Excellent working environment

For some workers, the priority is to work in a cool, calm, and relaxing working environment. And this is exactly what massage therapists enjoy. Spa clinics are specially designed to be peaceful and serene, with cozy luxurious interiors further highlighting the beautiful environment. There is no better place for therapists to deliver their services to expectant customers.

  1. Flexibility and Freedom

Part-time and independent massage therapists get to decide on how and when to work. It is even better if they have their own spa clinics – they decide when to resume and close for work. This great flexibility doesn’t come with all occupations, and it makes it easy to balance work and life.

  1. Handsome pay

Being a massage therapist means you will earn enough to foot your bills, even in this erratic economic conditions. Why is this? The prominent market, as well as the increasingly high demand for the service, makes the profession very lucrative.

The Occupational Handbook of 2017 reveals the median pay of a massage therapist to be about $40,000 annually and an hourly rate of about $20. The figures are bigger for independent massage therapists working with renowned clinics and hospitals.

Excellent Job Status

Away from the numbers and statistics, being a massage therapist comes with a top-ranking status as well as a steady projected growth. Currently ranked at 43, Massage Therapy has moved up seven places from 50th on US News’ list of 100 Best Career Jobs. Likewise, it is at the 4th spot on the list of Best Health Care Support Jobs.

Why should you consider Massage Therapy an excellent job?

Unlike other high profile jobs, massage therapy pays better, offers more flexibility, and stresses you less. You get ample free time to invest in other things, plus everyday stress is not there. An average massage therapist works in a cozy and comfortable environment while getting paid handsomely.  The numbers mentioned above suggests a steady and progressive growth of massage therapy as an occupation. With time, it will be up there as a respected top-ranking job.

Let us round up this discussion by reiterating that how good or bad a job is will depend on the amount of dedication and commitment someone is willing to invest in it. So, ultimately, a committed person will find no job too big or too small for them.

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