5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Motorcycle

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Motorcycle

5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Motorcycle

There are many methods of transportation. Taking a taxi or rideshare vehicle, hopping on a bus or train, riding a bicycle, and driving a car are just some of them. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, motorcycles are becoming a growing transportation trend.


However, you may be skeptical of getting a motorcycle for yourself. Maybe the fears surrounding motorcycle safety are leaving you anxious. Or, maybe you’re worried that you’ll waste your hard-earned cash on a new bike, only to find that you rarely end up using it.


What many don’t talk about, though, is how beneficial owning a motorcycle can be in comparison to, say, owning a vehicle or utilizing public transportation. In fact, here are five reasons why buying a motorcycle might be the best thing you do:

1. Faster commute

Especially when you live in a big city with a dense population, having a faster commute is always a plus. Because most places around the world allow lane splitting, motorcyclists can legally drive between lanes to avoid heavy traffic. Due to the legality of lane splitting in many regions, it’s also often easier for motorcyclists to pass slow drivers.

2. Provides a full-body workout

Driving a motorcycle is excellent for the body in many ways. For one, it helps strengthen your core, physical endurance, and stability. Additionally, driving a motorcycle can also provide a workout for your legs, back, and shoulders.

3. Helps you burn calories

Driving a car or sitting on a bus certainly isn’t going to help you burn a decent amount of calories. Driving a motorcycle, however, can provide such. The heavier your bike and the heavier your gear, the more calories you may be able to burn per hour. Add singing to the mix, and you could burn even more!

4. Easy to park

One of the greatest perks in regard to the smaller size of a motorcycle is how easy it is to park. While other people are struggling to park their oversized SUVs, you’re able to swiftly and easily park in the tightest of parking stalls, no matter how badly the neighboring vehicles parked.

5. Usually cheaper than a car

Just like cars, motorcycles come in a plethora of price ranges. However, most of the time, it’s more affordable to buy a brand new motorcycle than it is to buy a brand new car. While maintenance can cost more with motorcycles, and they typically don’t last as long with frequent use, the lower initial costs of this type of vehicle is quite favorable for many.


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While motorcycle-riding isn’t for everyone, there are many reasons why opting for one might be a good idea. Motorcycles provide a faster commute, make for a great full-body workout, and help you burn calories. To top it off, motorcycles are easy to park and are typically more affordable to purchase than a car.


Although there are many other forms of transportation available to pick from, making a motorcycle one of your means of transportation can be a great choice overall.

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