5 Smart Ways to Properly Execute a Bathroom Renovation
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5 Smart Ways to Properly Execute a Bathroom Renovation

5 Smart Ways to Properly Execute a Bathroom Renovation

It is already known that the bathroom is the second most important room when improving the home value, after the kitchen. Therefore, a nicely renovated bathroom can significantly increase the ROI rate of your home.

The only troublesome aspect of a bathroom renovation is the price: according to the reports, you will have to spend around $10.500 for an average bathroom remodel, while an upscale remodel can cost you the whole $26.000. That is not kind of money an average household can afford.

Fortunately, there are ways to swerve that hefty price tag and renovate and redesign your bathroom on a budget. Depending on how many elements you want to change, you can undertake the remodeling of your bathroom for $1000 to $3,000, which is quite affordable for most people.


Before you start with renovation, you need to estimate how much you want to change your bathroom, and to make a financial projection based on your estimation. Bear in mind that the bathroom is the worst place to make a mistake while renovating. The room for improvisation during the remodeling is nearly non-existent. This also includes the need to look for the cheapest skip you can find, as this will help you plan effectively with regards to waste disposal.

Prior to dismantling your bathroom, you need a clear and sound plan about how you will use the available space, which materials you will use and how much money do you plan to spend. It’s recommendable to spend up to 6 months if you want to create a reliable roadmap that will guide your decisions.

The work itself should take some 2 or 3 months, and during this time is absolutely necessary to stick to the plan, no matter how tempting the new ideas might be.

Cost and Time Effectiveness

As they say, time is money, so it’s pretty important to be rational and expeditive with your resources. Bear in mind that remodeling in your bathroom quickly will cost you more than doing it rush-free. The reason for this is the fact that a quick remodel cannot be done without the help of professionals.

However, work like that is usually pretty budget heavy. Although it’s possible for a homeowner to hire workers on their own, it would be pretty time consuming, which eliminates the swiftness factor. The cheapest but also the slowest variant is that homeowners do most of the job by themselves.

It takes a lot of skill and a group of friends willing to help in order to finish the job as quickly as the professionals would do. Furthermore, the quality of work will not be the same, as most of the DIY installations will look kind of amateurish.

Pro or DIY (or Both)

Depending on the estimation of your own skill and your budget, you will decide whether to hire professionals or to do the majority of the work by yourself. That decision also depends on the kind and amount of work you’re up to. If your bathroom is relatively small and you don’t have high do-it-yourself skills, hiring a team of professionals is the best possible course, even with the inclusion of loan.

The bathroom renovation done by pros will be quick and very effective, as they have their own material suppliers and subcontractors that will deal with specific aspects of the work. However, if your home includes multiple bathrooms or has bigger areas meant for renovation, maybe the best thing you can do is taking the matter in your own hands.

This variant also gives you the time to find and buy all the materials for your future bathroom, which again allows for a great deal of savings.

Work Overview

Many contractors will be willing to split the work with an enthusiastic homeowner in exchange for a discount. The amount of work the contractors will let the homeowner do depends on the deal between those two sides. Careful observation will improve your assessment in making the most out of your bathroom. If you keep all the aspects in check, it can save you time and money.

A good job begins with a good plan, which often includes drawing the designs, acquiring building grants, making contracts and work schedule and so on. There are some aspects of renovation, such as demolition, framing rough-in, and installing the drywall, that can be done by homeowners. However, plumbing and electric installations should be left to the professionals.


Make sure that your new layout has similar footprint with the old bathroom. That will save your money for demolition and reconstruction. Next, invest in good lighting, because it really brings out the best in your bathroom, and it costs way less than some fancy bathroom accessory. Another good point of investment is a ventilation.

Controlling air temperature and humidity is one of the key factors of bathroom coziness. Storage space is usually overlooked, but there are several ways to make the most of the bathroom storage, like using movable accessories or upper walls. Finally, choose neutral colors for permanent surfaces and add some color extravaganza with less expensive items.


It’s always a good idea to invest in your bathroom, for it’s the best way to enhance the worth of your residence. Regardless of the extension and amount of renovation, make sure you plan it carefully and spend your resources wisely, balancing out your own work and professional engagement. If you play it wisely, you might renovate your bathroom in supreme style without having to spend copious amounts of money.




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