6 Ways to Decorate an Eco Friendly Home
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Check These 5 Ways to Decorate an Eco Friendly Home

6 Ways to Decorate an Eco Friendly Home

Taking care of the environment has become a priority for a lot of people that want to leave a better world for their children and grandchildren. This positive philosophy extends to many aspects of life, including even things like home décor.

Along with the creativity you put into designing your home, it wouldn’t hurt to add a dash of eco-friendliness. Being eco-friendly has never been easier, there are a plethora of options available to homeowners in just about every aspect of home décor you can think of.

1. The right kind of wood

When you want to buy new pieces of furniture, what type of wood do you look for? It probably doesn’t cross your mind often. Your top priority is going to be something that looks nice and fits into the theme of your décor. However, the type of wood you decide to purchase can make all the difference in terms of eco-friendliness.

If you want to combat deforestation, you need to look towards sustainable options for your wooden furniture. Pieces that contain FSC certified wood would be your best bet. When you purchase these, you can be sure that the wood being used comes from sustainable loggers which follow the ten FSC rules.

It’s a lot better for our forests and the environment, and you don’t have to swear off of wooden furniture at all.

2. A clean paint job

There’s no better way to make your house look fresh than giving it a brand-new paint job. Painting over the blemishes and stains that have accumulated over the years feels great and it’s always a welcome addition to the aesthetic. However, is the paint job really “clean” if the materials used in the paint aren’t good for the environment?

Most paints aren’t exactly good for your health or the air inside of your home. They often contain VOCs, also known as volatile organic compounds, which release a variety of toxic fumes into the air for years on end. This release of fumes is a slow process and it’s unlikely that you’ll feel its effects, but you can be sure that the environment will suffer for it.

Recent developments in paint manufacturing have reduced the number of VOCs in paint by a significant margin. When you decide to repaint your walls, you should take care in picking paint that is marked with a “low VOC” label. It’s significantly better for your health and the quality of air around you.

6 Ways to Decorate an Eco Friendly Home

3. Some natural greenery

What better way to contribute to nature than to bring it inside of your home? Plants are a great way to give your home a natural and healthy atmosphere that you can’t get with anything else. You don’t just get a great atmosphere in a figurative sense, either. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen, giving you a lot cleaner air in the room. They also help by soaking up some harmful pollutants and toxins.

If the fact that they are natural air purifiers weren’t enough of a plus, they also positively impact mental health. Just having a bit of greenery in your home can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety. Their calming effect comes from our evolutionary instincts to feel good in a natural environment, coupled with the fact that they make the air in your home cleaner. It might be a small bonus, but you’re also expanding nature in a way, contributing to cleaner air everywhere, albeit on a minuscule scale.

4. Organic bedding

There’s no room like the bedroom. You spend more time in your bed than any other spot in your home. Even if you dedicate yourself to your work, you still have to get those eight hours of shut-eye every single night. Because of this, your bed needs to be a shining example of comfort and luxury. Why not make it eco-friendly while you’re at it?

The type of sheets you use in your bed is crucial for the quality of your sleep, but it’s also something that can affect the environment. Even quality materials like cotton aren’t always all that eco-friendly, considering the fact that growing non-organic cotton requires insane amounts of pesticides and processing before it reaches your bed.

Organic sheets are quickly catching on as the go-to environmentally friendly type of bedding in modern homes. Whether you decide to use organic cotton, linen, silk, or bamboo sheets, you need to keep the environment in mind. Organic sheets are made to last, which means you won’t have to replace them or throw old ones away any time soon.

6 Ways to Decorate an Eco Friendly Home

5. Treasure hunting

Shopping for stylish décor can take many forms. Some people prefer to check out large chains that have varied options and low prices, while others will prefer chic pieces from small-scale businesses that specialize in specific aesthetics. If you want to get the best of both worlds, you can always go visit a flea market or fair for your furniture.

It might seem a bit unusual to go treasure hunting in a flea market, but you would be surprised at the number of hidden gems that can be found in these places. There are countless folks that simply want to get rid of their stuff, no matter how high-quality it might be. As long as you have a keen eye for these sorts of things, you can find some golden opportunities for décor.

Best of all, you’re not contributing to the carbon footprint of these items. You’re not purchasing a brand-new piece of furniture that is fresh from a factory but rather recycling something that has already been made. It’s an environmentally friendly option, and you can get some really good stuff for low prices. With a bit of restoration and a couple of touch-ups, you can get results that are even better than store-bought pieces.


Making your home a shining example of eco-friendliness is a piece of cake. It only takes a few changes that don’t have much of an impact on your schedule or your wallet. Your décor choices can help keep the environment clean and provide you with a luxury experience, as long as you take the time to research them beforehand.

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