Listen and Stream TM 104 from Jeezy for Music Monday

Listen and Stream TM 104 from Jeezy for Music Monday

Listen and Stream TM 104 from Jeezy for Music Monday

If you count his album as the name Lil J, Jeezy been in the game damn near 20 years. Jeezy have come a long way since that release to where he’s definitely hit legendary status. On Friday, Jeezy released the final album of the Thug Motivation series, TM 104: The Legend of the Snowman. What’s not clear is this his final album or just him stating the end of his Def Jam contract? Either way, Jeezy snatched up CeeLo Green, Rick Ross, Meek Mill John Legend, Gunna and Ball Greezy for TM 104. When it comes to Jeezy, I’ve stated that the Thug Motivation 101 album is one of my all-time favorites. The debut album along with his mixtapes like Trap or Die and Can’t Ban the Snowman have made him a star. A little over a month ago, Jeezy released the video for 1-Time which was nice.

Recently, Jeezy dropped the second single, MLK Blvd, which featured Meek Mill. The second single was also nice, and it had me anticipating the TM 104 album. Let’s take a peek at the track listing below, which was released a few days ago. As always, after the track listing, you’ll have a chance to check out the stream links. Either way, peep the new album from Jeezy for Music Monday.


  1. The enTRAPreneur
  2. Big Shit
  3. Look Like
  4. Better Tell ‘Em
  5. Pyrex
  6. Already Rich ft. CeeLo Green
  7. 1 Time
  8. Oh Yea ft. Ball Greezy
  9. White Keys
  10. MLK Blvd ft. Meek Mill
  11. ’06 ft. Rick Ross
  12. Don’t Make Me
  13. Fake Love ft. Queen Naija
  14. All Night ft. Gunna
  15. 4Play
  16. Play It Safe ft. Noah Scharf
  17. Don’t Forget
  18. The Real MVP ft. John Legend

Where are all my Jeezy fans? Were you anticipating his TM 104: The Legend of the Snowman album? What’s your favorite album or mixtape from Jeezy? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Jeezy or the TM 104 album.

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