Time 4 Sum Aksion from Redman
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Time 4 Sum Aksion from Redman for Throwback Thursday

Time 4 Sum Aksion from Redman

Redman is arguably one of the dopest MCs to ever pick up the mic. As always, I’m always featuring a track for Throwback Thursday that I’ve been listening to. For the last couple days, his debut, Whut? Thee Album have been in my rotation. It’s hard to believe that album is about 27 years old. Redman boasts one of the best discographies and that includes his projects with Method Man. Redman also is part of the Def Squad and Erick Sermon laces him with dope beats. The featured track is Time 4 Sum Aksion, which was his second single off the album. Redman absolutely killed this track and the entire album. Check out the video for Time 4 Sum Aksion below.

Honestly, it took me a while to become a fan of Redman. After sitting down and listening to his Muddy Waters album, he definitely gained a new fan. Redman is also a beast on his features. Where are all my Redman fans? What’s your favorite project from Redman? Do you have a favorite track from him? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Redman or the featured track.

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