Looking for the Best Business VoIP Service? Try AxVoice!
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Looking for the Best Business VoIP Service? Try AxVoice!

Looking for the Best Business VoIP Service? Try AxVoice!

If you have a remote workforce, surely you would need to communicate and collaborate with them multiple times in a day. The last decade or so has seen a massive jump from conventional landlines to VoIP service. If you run a call center or have remote employees, making the switch to VoIP could be one of the best decisions you make for your business.

From major cost-cutting in maintenance costs to substantial savings in making long-distance calls, to its adaptability and integration with your business software, VoIP smoothens all the communication processes effectively while delivering excellent call quality. If you are looking for an internet phone service for small business, read on to know more about Axvoice—one of the best business VoIP service with over 30 calling features.


AxVoice is a trending VoIP service provider that leads you to save significantly on your phone bills. You can make long calls on both local and international numbers without having to pay a huge phone bill.

The app is currently ranking as one of the best business VoIP service in the U.S. and Canada owing to its cheap calling rates, variety of features, and excellent call quality. It offers a variety of packages both for residential and business calling needs.

If your business requires a lot of long distance-calls, AxVoice could benefit you with its affordable rates and smart features. Besides, you get to enjoy all the features for free which you would have otherwise paid for while using a landline. AxVoice lets you remotely manage your account and calls. It comes with fairly simple plug-and-play setup. So, there is no hassle of a long installation. You can get started as soon as you have the setup the equipment. AxVoice doesn’t charge for set up or activation. You just have to pay the shipping fee for equipment.


Owing to its expansive variety of features, AxVoice has established a good reputation for itself as a reliable internet phone service for small business as well as for medium-scale organizations.

Incoming Call Features

First of all, let’s take a brief look at the incoming call features. Again, AxVoice offers a range of features to you to manage your incoming calls efficiently. Some of the incoming call features are listed below:

  • The caller ID feature lets you see an incoming caller’s name and phone number.
  • AxVoice comes with a call filter feature that lets you filter callers.
  • If you have more than one AxVoice numbers for your business needs, then you set distinctive rings on them. You can use a different rings for different business departments.
  • To block unwanted callers or pranksters, AxVoice comes with a Blacklist feature that saves your time.
  • If you use the anonymous call rejection feature, calls from unknown numbers will not get through.
  • AxVoice allows you the option of switching between two calls and that, too, without hanging up with its call-waiting feature.
  • If you are in a meeting, it is after working hours, or you simply don’t want to get disturbed, you can redirect the incoming calls to the voicemail and listen to them later on.
  • You can make the different numbers ring at the same time using AxVoice’s simultaneous ring feature.

Outbound Call Features

AxVoice smartly takes care of all the aspects of calling and therefore, provides the user with a couple of outbound call features among others too. Here are a few of them:

  • The service lets you keep your number private. The caller ID blocking feature keeps your number from displaying on the receiver’s phone.
  • You can use more than one phone line on AxVoice with the alternate caller ID feature.


  • Outbound features also let you block outgoing to calls outside the U.S. and Canada. International call blocking feature is a money-saving option when you are not subscribed to an international calling plan.
  • You can keep the callers engaged with the Music on Hold feature.
  • In the event of an emergency that requires you to keep quiet, you can inform the authorities with enhanced 911 or e911 support.
  • AxVoice allows you to make conference calls with three-way calling feature. You can add a third participant to an ongoing call, and even remove them without disconnecting the call.
  • This is one of the most effective features of AxVoice. This feature allows you to use the lower bandwidth codec such G.729, GSM, G.711u as well as G.711a so that your call quality is not affected due to poor internet.

Call Forwarding Features

The two main things that make AxVoice one of the best Business VoIP service providers are affordable price plans and extensive features. Here are some of the call forwarding features of AxVoice which never let you miss any call:

  • The service lets you redirect unanswered calls directly to particular phone numbers of in the U.S. and Canada.
  • The Find me/Follow me feature allows you to redirect unanswered calls to specific numbers.
  • The Failover feature ensure that you still get your VoIP phone calls on your cell phone when there’s an internet or power outage.

Advanced Features

AxVoice provides a bunch of advanced features which both the residential and business plan users can benefit from without paying any extra charges:

  • Following a simple configuration process, you can set up AxVoice line on an unlocked VoIP.


  • The service lets you view your call logs in real-time.


  • The free in-network features let you call other AxVoice numbers without paying any additional charges.


  • AxVoice comes with softphone support. This way, you can use this internet phone service for small business to make calls without a touchphone. You just have to download a software on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


  • The enhanced voicemail options lets you check your AxVoice web account and your voicemail using any browser.

Pricing Plans

AxVoice has three main plans, and each of them comes with different pricing options. Users can go with annual or monthly payment options. The affordable rates, coupled with features that work, have made AxVoice rank among the best business VoIP service right now.

First of all, take a look at AxVoice Business Plans:

Business Plans

These are suitable for home offices, entrepreneur, and small business establishments. The business plans offer the standard features along with some additional features that can be a massive help in carrying out the business operations smoothly and include blacklisting and in-network calls.

  • The Small Business Plan is for $29.99/month. With this plan, you can enjoy all of Axvoice’s features and 1500 free calls (outgoing). After exhausting free minutes, you have to pay 5c/min. You get free equipment and free in-network calling with this plan. The monthly package is for $39.99/month.


  • The Home Office (SOHO) gives standard calling features to its users with free equipment, 200 minutes of free calls that charge 1.5c/minutes after consumption with free in-network calling. This also does not require special equipment. This package is available for monthly package subscription only.

International Plans

As far as residential and international plans are concerned, they bear a lot of similarities. But you get to enjoy unlimited domestic and international calls with AxVoice’s unlimited residential and international plans respectively.

  • The Residential International Plan comes with all the 30+ calling features, free outgoing calls, free equipment, call forwarding and unlimited calls to 45+ international destinations at the cost of $16.58/month. You can manage your account remotely. It also offers monthly, and yearly subscriptions for $24.99/month (1 month) and $19.99/month (when billed yearly) respectively.


  • With 30+ calling features, free equipment, remote management, the Residential International Plus plan lets you make calls to 60+ international destinations at the price of $29.99/month.


Like any service, AxVoice also comes with its shares of pros and cons:

  • The service is simple to use.
  • AxVoice offers excellent call quality for long-distance calls as well.
  • Offers great call quality even with lower bandwidth.
  • AxVoice comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee.
  • A third-party app lets you use Axvoice on your phone.
  • For AxVoice, you can get a new local number or port out your existing phone number.


Despite having more than 30 features, there are a few drawbacks:

  • The money-back guarantee comes with a few limitations.
  • The unlimited plan has a limitation of 3000 minutes.
  • AxVoice does not have a free trial version.
  • The customer support is not available 24/7.

Our Take

Axvoice offers impressive list of features for both residential and business communication needs. Although there are a few drawbacks, the call quality and clarity is excellent and that’s what all matters.

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