4 Gift Ideas Under-14's Are Going to Love for Their Birthdays
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4 Gift Ideas Under-14’s Are Going to Love for Their Birthdays

4 Gift Ideas Under-14's Are Going to Love for Their Birthdays

Approaching 14 is a difficult age for youngsters. It’s a sort of in-between phase where most teens have put their first years behind. But they are not quite comfortably teenagers. It makes it difficult to pick just the right birthday gift.

Clothes are a problem because they are only developing their personal style. They are past the age of toys. And, they change their minds about music every day. So, it’s tough coming up with gifts they will love. Danielle Braff, writing in the Chicago Tribune notes, “Each teen is different, and you’re going to have to read his or her signs.” And, that includes choosing birthday gifts that respect their independence and peer identity.

4 gift ideas for under-14

1. CMON Zombicide: The Black Plague is a clever board game for early teens who are well into zombies. They love all things apocalyptic and sci-fi. This is one of a series of board games produced by CMON.

Mobs of mini zombies roam the streets of medieval cities. They threaten ancient vaults and survivors. A plague has turned the citizens into highly-detailed miniature zombies who, under the orders of Necromancers, seek out the survivors. It takes teamwork by multiple players to use strategy and the available weapons to outwit the witless bloodthirsty hordes.

2. Fortnite is a franchise with many branded Fortnite gifts for teens. In addition to Fortnite games, you can buy everything from themed socks to hoodies. There are board games and more.

But Fortnite competitors also appreciate comfortable chairs and quality monitors. One high demand item for birthdays is the DualShock 4 Wireless Controller. SONY created; the precision controller offers total PlayStation 4 play. Ergonomically comfortable in the hand and sensitive to touch, the controller features a “share” button for enhanced play and competition. And, you’ll find an integrated light bar and built-in speaker added fun.

3. Can You Imagine offers a Light-Up Air Power Soccer Disk. It’s a floating disc game teens can play indoors or out. It takes 4 AA batteries to make this disk hover on a cushion of air. Players help the disk glide to score goals in hockey or soccer with LED illumination for nighttime play.

Circled with soft foam, the device can bump into players, pets, and furniture without damage. It’s fun and active and will get players up and moving on hardwood floors or driveways.

4. Holy Stone sells an F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera for the teens who like gadgets, and don’t all teens like gadgets? The drone will reach 50-100 meters for 7 to 9 minutes before recharging.

A one-key return calls the drone home with the press of a button. It will flip and roll in four directions. Easy to start and control, this drone is ready for beginners.

Birthday gifts can be important!

Speaking of male tweens, Amy Morin, LCSW told VeryWellFamily.com, “Whether your teen loves music, or he’s into sports, support your teen’s efforts to be an individual. That may mean taking a step back and realizing that your teen’s job isn’t to fulfill your dreams for him—his job is to reach his own dreams.” To the extent you can, you want to give birthday presents that respect their growth.

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