How to Entertain the Kids on a Long Car Journey
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How to Entertain the Kids on a Long Car Journey

How to Entertain the Kids on a Long Car Journey

Getting from A to B is much easier when you can drive but being in the car isn’t most kids’ idea of fun. The main problem is that kids can’t get up and burn off some energy when they’re in the car and entertainment is pretty thin on the ground. So, if you want to stay safe on the road without risking a call to a car accident lawyer, here are a few ways to entertain the kids on long journeys.

Plug Into a Movie

Gadgets don’t just make your car safer; they can also be used to entertain and keep your kids relatively quiet! Some cars come with screens built into the headrest of the seat in front but a tablet or even a phone could work just as well. Headphones are the keyword to remember here. If your kids are watching different things or you want to listen to some music while you drive, there is nothing worse than conflicting sounds. You can easily get good quality headphones without leakage for kids so this is well worth the investment!

Play Word Games Together

While a movie is ideal for quiet time, sometimes, kids just need some attention! Word games or spotting games are brilliant for this and will help to pass the time without taking away from your concentration. In fact, there are plenty of kids car games you might like to try.

Spotting a particular brand or color of car is a fun way to earn car points (and you might like to bring small prizes for good behavior too!) but you could also spot licence plates and see if you can find all 50 states. A fun storytelling game called fortunately, unfortunately is another fun way to pass time by going round everyone and adding a sentence to create a ridiculous story.

Take Small Toys and Activities

For very young children, word games and screens aren’t going to cut it for very long so bringing a few small toys will really help. A teddy bear is essential here as a fun pal to play with and a handy cushion when they finally drift off to sleep. Coloring books are another good asset but frankly, a pad of post-it’s will do just fine and provide the perfect canvas for tiny pictures done in crayon. Textured books are also fun to take along, especially for little ones.

Singalong as a Family

Family singalongs are a great way to bond on a long car journey and, if you are willing to open the radio to requests, fun for everyone. The main rule is that all the songs you choose are upbeat, fun and suitable for all ages. Over the years, you can refine your songlist too, swapping out nursery rhymes for more grownup music! The more activities you can think of to pass the time, the better because even if you don’t use all your games, it’s good to have a few in reserve to bring out on the next journey. But, when in doubt, asking your kids to come up with a game themselves is always a lot of fun. All of these are very useful, especially if you travel with kids.

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