5 Reasons Why Professionals Choose Benelli Shotguns
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5 Reasons Why Professionals Choose Benelli Shotguns

5 Reasons Why Professionals Choose Benelli Shotguns

In the firearm industry, there is the presence of a longtime debate on who makes the best shotguns. Amateurs and professionals alike offer up their opinions based on hunting experiences, military and law enforcement use, and general firearm knowledge. In these discussions, Benelli is often mentioned as a contender against other firearm giants like Remington and Beretta. Here are five reasons why so many gun enthusiasts choose Benelli shotguns as their primary firearms.

1. The Choice of Field Hunters

There are several Benelli shotgun models that are geared for hunters, built for rugged and watery terrain. With durable builds, the Benellis can be submerged in murky water as duck hunters trudge through mud and tall grass. Those with a short recoil operating system fire a very clean shot, a perk that hunters seek out. Benelli shotguns aren’t seasonal, either; they’re ready for summer through winter seasons, allowing hunters to enjoy small and big game hunting year-round.

2. Versatile Operating Systems

Benelli shotguns feature short recoil and gas-powered operating systems to perfectly fit user preference. Benelli was a pioneer using the in-line inertia operating system, which allows for rapid reloading and eliminates the need for gas. However, some users still prefer gas systems, which is why a number using can be found when searching for Benelli shotguns for sale.

3. Incredibly Reliable with Easy Handling

When you’re purchasing a new shotgun, you’ve probably thought about the importance of comfort and handling, especially if you’ve had less-than-pleasant experiences with older shotguns in the past. With additional design features like ComforTech, AirTouch, SteadyGrip, GripTight, and Crio Systems, Benelli shotguns deliver complete reliability, comfortable shooting, and on-point patterns. Users will be able to easily handle them, with some models built with pistol grips for even more comfort.

4. Adopted by the U.S. Marine Corps

Benelli’s semi-automatic shotguns have been integral to the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as dozens of other special operations units worldwide for years. The ability to quickly reload them, complemented by a comfortable grip, reliable operation, and overall craftsmanship of Benellis has earned them a place in the Marines, with our country’s bravest placing their trust in them. Semi-automatic Benellis are some of most powerful shotguns available to civilians. So, whether you’re in the military or law enforcement, or a civilian looking to have a dependable shotgun at home, Benelli is the answer!

5. Cleaning is A Breeze

After you’ve gotten a great deal of use out of a Benelli shotgun, they’re easy to disassemble. Designed to easily come apart for cleaning, users will no longer have to struggle to remove pieces or have someone else do it for them. This is perfect when out in the field and mud, dirt, or other grime has caked up on the shotgun. Users will be able to quickly take apart the gun to clean it up to get right back to hunting or carrying out tactical duties. It’s for this reason that Benelli shotguns are also great for new gun owners.

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