Donnell Jones Where I Wanna Be Released 20 Years Ago
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Donnell Jones Where I Wanna Be Released 20 Years Ago

Donnell Jones Where I Wanna Be Released 20 Years Ago

The 90s produced a lot of great music during that time period. Whether you’re a fan of hip hop or R&B, there were plenty of music acts for you to pick. When it comes to R&B, names like R. Kelly, Keith Sweat, Dru Hill, Jodeci, Boyz II Men and many others come to mind. One name that many people always seem to leave out was Donnell Jones. It could be one of two reasons why Donnell Jones doesn’t get his proper shine. One could be that he didn’t blow up until the late-90s or the first part of the year 2000. His first album, My Heart didn’t really make any noise. The second album, Where I Wanna Be is when Donnell Jones took off and became a household name. Where I Wanna Be dropped 20 years ago today and it’s an incredibly dope album.

Less than a month after the album released, Donnell Jones dropped the first single. The song was a smash and the video featured Lisa Lopes of TLC, YoungBloodZ, T.I., Usher and Big Boi of OutKast. The late, great Left Eye was featured on the track and eventually became the #1 song in the country. The album has two versions with one with Donnell Jones by himself and the other with Left Eye. Where I Wanna Be was getting much play and then he dropped his second single. The single was the title track to the album and it was an instant classic. Where I Wanna Be having been featured on numerous playlists I’ve created over the years. The video was amazing also, which you can catch below. The album eventually went platinum and made Donnell Jones a star. Peep the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. U Know What’s Up
  2. Shorty (Got Her Eyes on Me)
  3. Where I Wanna Be
  4. Have You Seen Her
  5. This Luv
  6. All Her Love
  7. It’s Alright
  8. Think About It (Don’t Call My Crib)
  9. He Won’t Hurt You
  10. Pushin’
  11. I Wanna Luv You
  12. When I Was Down
  13. U Know What’s Up (Remix) ft. Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

Do you remember Donnell Jones? How about his Where I Wanna Be album? What are your thoughts about the record? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Donnell Jones or the album.

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