25 Years Ago Murder Was the Case Soundtrack Dropped
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25 Years Ago Murder Was the Case Soundtrack Dropped

25 Years Ago Murder Was the Case Soundtrack Dropped

Death Row is known for putting out classic albums. The Chronic, Doggystyle, All Eyez on Me and Makaveli are all-time classic records. Death Row Records is also known for their movie soundtracks also. Above the Rim is looked at as one of, if not the best soundtrack ever. Snoop Dogg created a little film for his track, Murder Was the Case. Death Row put out an official soundtrack and it was released 25 years ago today. Unfortunately, the Murder Was the Case Soundtrack isn’t available on any streaming services. Either way, we have to show love to another classic Death Row Records release. The soundtrack featured Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, The Dogg Pound, DJ Quik and many more. The first single was the remix and title track, Murder Was the Case. The original track from Doggystyle is better, but it’s still a great track and an amazing video.

The second single was U Better Recognize by Sam Sneed and Dr. Dre. Sam Sneed was an artist that did a lot of writing for Death Row. This was the only single he released on Death Row. The third single off the soundtrack was a track by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube. Natural Born Killaz was the name of the track and it was supposed to be featured on their collaboration album. Heltah Skeltah was the name of the album, but it never was released. This was another classic from Death Row, but they eventually released a fourth single. One More Day was a song from Nate Dogg. The track was to catapult Nate Dogg to the spotlight and release an album. The song is great, but Suge wouldn’t release a full album from Nate Dogg.

The Murder Was the Case Soundtrack went on to sell over two million copies. In preparation of the Dogg Food album by the Dogg Pound, the fifth and final single dropped. What Would You Do? is the name of the cut and it made a lot of ready for an entire Dogg Pound album. Overall, the Murder Was the Case Soundtrack is a classic in my eyes. DJ Quik releases one of the craziest diss records, Dollaz & Sense which was directed at MC Eiht. 21 Jump Street is one of the more underrated Snoop tracks and there were a couple other bangers. Check out the track listing below.


  1. Murder Was the Case Remix- Snoop Dogg
  2. Natural Born Killaz- Dr. Dre & Ice Cube
  3. What Would You Do? – Dogg Pound & Jewell
  4. 21 Jump Street- Snoop Dogg & Tray Deee
  5. One More Day- Nate Dogg
  6. Harvest for the World- Jewell
  7. Who Got Some Gangsta Shit? – Snoop Dogg, Dogg Pound, Lil’ C-Style & Swoop-G
  8. Come When I Call- Danny Boy
  9. U Better Recognize- Dr. Dre & Sam Sneed
  10. Come Up to My Room- Jodeci ft. Dogg Pound
  11. Woman to Woman- Jewell
  12. Dollaz & Sense- DJ Quik
  13. The Eulogy- Slip Capone, CPO & Kurupt
  14. Horny- B-Rezell
  15. Eastside-Westside- Young Soldiers


Do you remember the Murder Was the Case Soundtrack? What was some of your favorite tracks? How would you rank the Murder Was the Case Soundtrack? Leave some feedback below about anything related to the Murder Was the Case Soundtrack. Peep the video and the album on YouTube for Music Monday.

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