How To Surprise Your Kids With A Disneyland Vacation!
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How To Surprise Your Kids With A Disneyland Vacation!

How To Surprise Your Kids With A Disneyland Vacation!

We all know that it’s pretty much every kid’s dream to go to Disneyland. Many parents want the whole thing to be a surprise to make it that little bit more special! While it won’t be too hard to keep the secret, the question is- what’s the best way to reveal the surprise to your kids? If you’re thinking about booking the trip (and doing the whole surprise thing), you might like a look at these great surprise reveal ideas.

Do a scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be a really fun game plus an excellent way to gradually reveal a massive surprise. You can set up different objects and clues hidden around the house for your children to find. Your clues could start out subtle, perhaps hinting at the country of the trip; what they’ll need to bring; or what they might eat there. As they find more clues, focus on details about Disney characters or songs to make the trip a bit more obvious. (Try to build up clues as gradually as possible so that your kids don’t guess too early on)!

Send them a letter

Another cute way that you could reveal the surprise is by sending your kids a letter. Work your magic to create a Disney style invite from their favorite character. Use pictures and a font that resembles handwriting. If your kids are younger, this can be a great way to get them excited that their favorite Disney character is asking them personally!

Disney themed party

Perhaps the Disney trip is part of a birthday gift? If so, a Disney themed party could be a wonderful way to reveal the trip to your child. You could write the surprise on balloons or a banner, for instance. Your children will treasure memories like this for a lifetime! To create the theme of the party, simply buy in lots of Disney accessories and ask that guests come dressed as their favorite character. Play Disney music and put on a Disney movie at the end. A movie is a great way to entertain the kids as their parents come to collect them.

Cake reveal

Personalized cakes are all the rage, and you can have them designed however you like. Why not have a cake made with the surprise written on it in fancy icing? You can have a few other Disney characters to decorate the cake. (Just make sure they have read and understood the cake before you start eating it!) Most kids love surprises, but some can get a little overwhelmed at first. A little shock initially is normal (so don’t fret if it happens)!


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