Master P Only God Can Judge Me Dropped 20 Years Ago Today
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Master P Only God Can Judge Me Dropped 20 Years Ago Today

Master P Only God Can Judge Me Dropped 20 Years Ago Today

I’ve mentioned many times that Death Row Records is my favorite label of all-time. No Limit Records is my second favorite label ever. During their run, Master P was dropping a new album damn near every week. While Master P was running the label, he also was the biggest seller also. To me, Master P doesn’t get the credit he deserves. 20 years ago today, Master P released his 8th album, Only God Can Judge Me. If you remember that far, this was the return to the rap game for Master P. The year before, Master P said his double album, Da Last Don was his final album. Only God Can Judge Me had huge shoes to fill because Da Last Don sold over four million records. Master P released two singles for the album, and they didn’t do that well. Step to Dis was the name of the first single.

Step to Dis featured one of his upcoming artist by the name of DIG. The single wasn’t great, and I wouldn’t label it as bad either. The second single featured Jermaine Dupri from So So Def Records. For me, this was a nice cut about them just flossing. The track was called Da Ballers and it sounded eerily like Money Ain’t a Thang with Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri. Only God Can Judge Me went on to sell over a million copies. Nas, Jermaine Dupri, Mac, C-Murder, Mystikal, Silkk the Shocker and many others appeared on the album. This wasn’t my favorite Master P album, but it got some hits on it. Check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. Only God Can Judge Me
  2. Ghetto Prayer ft. Magic & Suga Bear
  3. Step to Dis ft. DIG
  4. Return of the Don ft. Silkk the Shocker
  5. Say Brah ft. Mac
  6. Boonapalist ft. Ms. Peaches
  7. Where Do We Go From Here ft. Mac, Nas & Sons of Funk
  8. Ice on My Wrist (Remix) ft. Magic
  9. Stop Playing with Me
  10. Ghetto in the Sky ft. Suga Bear
  11. Ain’t Nothing Changed ft. DIG & Magic
  12. Commercial ft. Young Gunz
  13. Oh Na Nae
  14. Ghetto Honeys ft. Mac
  15. Y’all Don’t Want None ft. Mystikal
  16. Life Ain’t Easy ft. C-Murder & Porsha
  17. Who Down to Ride ft. DIG
  18. Y’all Don’t Know ft. Ghetto Commission
  19. Nobody Moves ft. Magic & Silkk the Shocker
  20. Da Ballers ft. Jermaine Dupri
  21. Crazy Bout Ya ft. Mercedes & Ms. Peaches
  22. (Intro to) Get Yo Mind Right
  23. Get Yo Mind Right ft. C-Murder

Where are all my Master P fans? Who remembers his Only God Can Judge Me album? What are your thoughts about Only God Can Judge Me? What’s your favorite track off the album? Leave some feedback below about Only God Can Judge Me or anything related to Master P.

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