6 Potential CM Punk WWE Feuds
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Will Punk Return to WWE? If So, 6 Potential CM Punk WWE Feuds



6 Potential CM Punk WWE Feuds

Rumors have been running rampant that CM Punk could be on his way back to the WWE. CM Punk confirmed that he tried out for the new WWE Backstage show of FS1. Afterwards, CM Punk has done countless interviews stating he’s willing to listen if the WWE made him an offer. Triple H also stated that the past is the past and they’re willing to do business with CM Punk again. A couple days ago, Renee Young hyped up the premier of the show for Tuesday night, November 5th. Young said that there will be a taped segment from John Cena, Samoa Joe would be there and possible Gronk. Young also said there will be a “major announcement” on Friday Night SmackDown about a special guest. Of course, many people including myself think it could possibly be CM Punk. With it being announced on SmackDown, this isn’t farfetched.

We all know the story behind CM Punk leaving WWE back in 2014. Punk went on to try his hand with the UFC and acting. It seems like time is healing all wounds and his return seems imminent. Seeing that Punk left in 2014 and there’s a new group of stars this could mean fresh feuds and matches. There are about eight guys that Punk has to feud with or at least have matches with. Below are the 6 guys I’d love to see CM Punk lock up with.

Triple H

This feud really would make itself and would instantly sell. The build-up between these two could be that Triple H is the reason Punk left. They can bring up about the lawsuit where they sued one another and so much more. This could be a WrestleMania worthy feud.

Seth Rollins

Punk had that encounter when the Shield was just taking off. During those five years, whether you like him or not, but Seth Rollins is the top guy. Rollins has boosted that he’s the best wrestler in the world. When Punk left, he laid claim that he was the Best in the World.

A.J. Styles

These are two of the best to ever do it and they came from the Indies. CM Punk and A.J. Styles have actually faced each other in the Ring of Honor. While they both may be a little past their prime, this could be an instant classic. CM Punk has always stated that he wanted to main event WrestleMania, why not against A.J. Styles?

Kevin Owens

With the new persona from Owens, this match is another one that could make itself. Before Punk left, he was kind of like the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin for this era. If you remember his “pipe bomb”, Punk was wearing a “Stone Cold” shirt. With Owens, he’s become the man against the McMahon establishment and even uses the Stunner. If you’re thinking about another WrestleMania worthy match, think of Punk versus Owens.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin

You’re probably thinking, hell no this isn’t the one right here. Do you remember that many people thought Austin would come out of retirement to face Punk? Austin even stated that Punk would be the one guy he’d want to face. Recently, Austin made huge news by saying that he’s physically capable of doing another match. Either way, just the promos heading into this blockbuster match would be awesome.

Aleister Black

Aleister Black has superstar written all over him, but he haven’t had that one opponent. If you pay attention to Black’s style, it mirrors CM Punk’s a lot. From in-ring ability, to the tattoos and just appearance they remind many of one another. This feud could be all about mind control and possibly give Black the rub he needs.


There are other guys you like to see him face, but these 6 come to mind. What do you think about these 6 potential CM Punk WWE feuds? Which of the 6 potential CM WWE feuds interests you the most? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Punk or his 6 potential CM Punk WWE feuds.

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