Lil Wayne Block is Hot Released 20 Years Ago Today
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Lil Wayne Block is Hot Released 20 Years Ago Today

Lil Wayne Block is Hot Released 20 Years Ago Today

The debut album from Lil Wayne, The Block is Hot turns 20-years-old today. As we all know, Lil Wayne has turned into this iconic figure over the years. 20 years later, Lil Wayne has dropped 12 studio albums and countless mixtapes. Wayne has also been a part of some compilations, dropped a couple EPs and was a member of the Hot Boys. The Block is Hot eventually gone double platinum off the strength of the title track, which was his first single. It’s crazy to think that Lil Wayne was only 17 when the album was released. The Block is Hot track was a dope one and the video was good too. The album featured the all the members of the Hot Boys and the Big Tymers. While this isn’t the best Lil Wayne album, The Block is Hot is still a good debut. Check the tracklisting and stream links.

  1. Intro ft. Big Tymers
  2. The Block is Hot ft. Juvenile & B.G.
  3. Loud Pipes ft. Big Tymers, Juvenile & B.G.
  4. Watcha Wanna Do
  5. Kisha ft. Hot Boys
  6. High Beamin’ ft. B.G.
  7. Lights Off
  8. Fuck tha World
  9. Remember Me ft. B.G.
  10. Respect Us ft. Juvenile
  11. Drop It Like It’s Hot ft. B.G. & Mannie Fresh
  12. Young Playa ft. Big Tymers
  13. Enemy Turf ft. Juvenile
  14. Not Like Me ft. Big Tymers & B.G.
  15. Come On ft. B.G.
  16. Up to Me ft. Turk
  17. You Want War ft. Turk

Where is my Lil Wayne fans? Do you remember his Black is Hot album? What was your favorite track off The Block is Hot? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Lil Wayne or his Block is Hot project.

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