5 Tips to Throwing a Company Holiday Party

5 Tips to Throwing a Company Holiday Party

5 Tips to Throwing a Company Holiday Party

Most companies like to throw holiday parties for their employees towards the end of the year. The parties usually coincide with other festivities such as Christmas and New Year’s. The companies normally use these occasions to show their employees that they appreciate the efforts that they contribute towards the success of their enterprises. In fact, most employers don’t know where to start when they want to have such a party, especially if they have never done it before.

While a company party helps in strengthening the bond between employees and their bosses, there are so many things that could go wrong during such an event. Here is a list of tips that can guide you in throwing a successful company holiday party for your employees.

1. Avoid the Office Venue

While holding a party event in the office can help in reducing the costs by a great deal, it may not be a good idea. Some people may not feel comfortable when the party takes place in the office because they may not have the freedom to celebrate without limitations. Remember, your employees might feel intimidated when they know that their seniors are monitoring their every move at the event.

Remember, your office space can get messed up after some people have had one too many drinks. To avoid such disappointments, it’s recommended you select a venue that’s near your company premises. You can even select a hotel that’s out of town. All you will need is a party bus rental service for transporting employees to the venue.

2. Select the Best Time

It’s important you select the time for the party. When choosing the time, you should consider the availability of your employees. An evening party is not ideal for a company because some of your employees are moms and obviously they have kids to take care of. You can opt to schedule the event after the lunch break and let it run till evening. Alternatively, you can set a whole day for the party. In fact, Friday is usually the best day so that the employees can rest on Saturday and Sunday.

3. Plan Ahead of Time

If you are planning to throw a party at the end of the year, it’s advisable you start early to avoid a last minute rush. Remember, most venues are usually fully booked during the holidays. The same case applies to rental buses, caterers and entertainers. They also hike their prices when demand for their services goes through the roof. When you plan early, you will be able to book for everything you need at a fair price.

And for the sake of ensuring that the planning process doesn’t overwhelm you, it’s important that you set a budget and delegate some of the duties to the most responsible employees. For instance, you can opt to look for a caterer while another employee is handling the logistics of the party.

4. Include Activities to Keep People Busy

Some employers assume that a company party is all about food, drinks and music. If the party will last for several hours, you must include a number of activities that will keep the employees engaged with each other. Some of the things that can be included in the event include outdoor sports such as football, tennis, rope jumps, basketball and swimming. This means that you have to select a venue that spacious enough to accommodate these activities.

5. Lay the Ground for Etiquette

Some employees tend to misbehave during company parties. Some of them eat too much, drink too much wine or dress inappropriately. There are also others that use abusive language towards their peers after drinking themselves silly. All these vices can taint the image of your company. You should therefore remind your employees that you expect them to be in their best behavior because they are your brand ambassadors. Any employee that’s not willing to comply with your rule should not be allowed to enter the party venue.

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