Why Cushion Cut Diamond is an Ideal Cut Diamond for Engagement Ring?

Why Cushion Cut Diamond is an Ideal Cut Diamond for Engagement Ring?

Why Cushion Cut Diamond is an Ideal Cut Diamond for Engagement Ring?

If you are planning to get engaged with your beloved, you need to opt-in for the best diamond ring! A diamond engagement ring adds the mark of permanence to a bond. It is also symbolic of the beauty of love and the journey two people have decided to undertake. Today, online diamond retailers have come up with multiple diamond ring cuts and designs. It takes to fixate the mind and choose one that caters to one’s choice and budget capacity. But if it’s your engagement, then the ideal diamond ring to choose is a cushion cut diamond.

What is a cushion-cut diamond?

The cushion ideal cut diamonds look impressive and are a popular choice amongst women today. Simply put, these diamonds come in a square or rectangular shape and have rounded corners. The diamond stone sides are not straight. It is curved, and the outline resembles a pillow. That’s where it gets its name (cushion cut) from.

The various kinds of cushion cut diamond

There are distinct kinds of cushion cut diamonds that women can opt-in for their engagement! And that saves them from choosing all the same looking diamonds. The types are:

  • Original cut

The original cuts are also called “cushion brilliant”! The diamond shape is round, and it used to be one standard design for the cut cushion diamonds.

  • Classic cut

The classic cut is also called the “antique-style” and “old-mine” cut as well. Today, a vast section of women is opting for this type. The previous version of this diamond used to have prominent facets, large culets, and small tables. The new-age versions have a refined look and more sparkle.

  • Modern cut

The modern cut is different than a classic cut. The primary differentiation is in the form and the count of facets that is present on the pavilion. However, if you view from above, the modified and cushion cuts somewhat look very similar.

Furthermore, you will also come across diverse types of modified cut diamonds. One of the primary purposes of this diamond type was to minimize the weight and maximize the brilliance. If that’s what you want in your diamond ring, you can opt-in for this.

The cushion-cut diamonds and the facet patterns

Based on the look of the facet, the cut cushion diamonds usually get divided into two types. They are the chunky and the crushed-ice cushion brilliants. The crushed-ice cut variant doesn’t have a peculiar facet pattern when you gaze it from the top. Usually, they get characterized by more sparkle that is all over when the ring gets exposed to light.

However, on the other hand, the chunky cushion cut diamond comes with a definite pattern. And when you look at it from the top, you can come across the shapes that get created with the diamond’s facet lines.

These are some of the essential facts that you need to know about the cushion cut diamonds. Even when you are choosing or customizing one for your engagement, you need to know the traits that make it distinctive than other diamond cuts.

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