Kanye West Good Life Featuring T-Pain
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Kanye West Good Life Featuring T-Pain for Throwback Thursday

Kanye West Good Life Featuring T-Pain

Kanye West is one of the most polarizing rappers that’s ever touched the mic. Kanye West recently released his Christian album; Jesus is King which I haven’t checked out. Before that, Kanye was having his Sunday Service all across the country. One of the albums that was played this past week was his Graduation project. Graduation sold almost a million copies the first week of its release. The Graduation album had plenty of gems on the album. There’s probably about two or three tracks that wasn’t for me on the album. Graduation made 3 consecutive albums Kanye released that were great. With so many tracks to choose from I went with Good Life. Good Life is the featured Throwback Thursday track this week and it features T-Pain. Entertaining video and dope track from an excellent album. Check out the video for Good Life below.

Where are all my Kanye West fans? Do you remember his Graduation album? How about Good Life with T-Pain? Leave some feedback below about the Graduation album, Kanye West or the featured track.

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