CrazySexyCool Released by the Legendary TLC 25 Years Ago
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CrazySexyCool Released by the Legendary TLC 25 Years Ago

CrazySexyCool Released by the Legendary TLC 25 Years Ago

TLC is one of the more legendary groups to ever be a part of the music business. Unfortunately, one of their members Left Eye lost her life over 17 years ago. TLC put out some classic music during their time together. CrazySexyCool is their iconic album and it was released 25 years ago. CrazySexyCool is one of the greatest albums to ever been put out. The legendary album went on to sell over 14 million records worldwide. CrazySexyCool still holds the record was biggest selling album by a girl’s group. Creep was their first single and it was released the single on Halloween of 1994. Creep went on to sell well over a million copies of the single. As we all know, the track was all about creeping for sex and it was a huge hit.

Red Light Special was their second single and it was a sexy video from the beautiful ladies. Red Light Special added another plaque to their list as it went on to go gold. If that wasn’t enough, TLC dropped a video for Waterfalls. Waterfalls talked about a lot of serious issues that plagued the world during that time. The big topic TLC hit on with Waterfalls was AIDS and this single went on to go platinum. One year later after dropping Creep, TLC released their fourth and last single. Diggin’ On You was the final single and it was another smash hit. Even though Diggin’ On You didn’t have the same success as their previous three singles it still was a good track. CrazySexyCool is an absolute classic album and should be in your collection. Check out the track listing below and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. Intro-lude ft. Phife
  2. Creep
  3. Kick Your Game
  4. Diggin’ On You
  5. Case of the Fake People
  6. CrazySexyCool (Interlude)
  7. Red Light Special
  8. Waterfalls
  9. Intermission-lude
  10. Let’s Do It Again
  11. If I Was Your Girlfriend
  12. Sexy (Interlude)
  13. Take Our Time
  14. Can I Get A Witness- Interlude ft. Busta Rhymes
  15. Switch
  16. Sumthin’ Wicked this Way Comes ft. Andre 3000

Where are my TLC fans? Do you remember their CrazySexyCool album? What’s some of your favorite tracks off the album? Leave some feedback below about the CrazySexyCool album or TLC.

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