Destiny’s Child Release Destiny Fulfilled 15 Years Ago
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Destiny’s Child Release Destiny Fulfilled 15 Years Ago

Destiny’s Child Release Destiny Fulfilled 15 Years Ago

We all know that Beyoncé has become one of the most recognizable singers in the world. Beyoncé have gone on to reach iconic status. Before that, her group Destiny’s Child was looked at as the new TLC. 15 years ago today, Destiny’s Child released their fifth and final album, Destiny Fulfilled. Destiny Fulfilled was a great way for them to go out as the album reached triple platinum status. Lose My Breath was their first single and it was released a couple months before the album dropped. The up-tempo track went gold and helped build anticipation for the album. Before the album dropped, they released another single a couple weeks before it dropped. Soldier was the name and it was the only track that had features on it. Lil Wayne and T.I. assisted on the track and it was another smash.

Soldier was a dope track that was featured on numerous mixtapes during that time. The third single from Destiny Fulfilled was called Girl and it was a great track. Girl was needed during that time as it told women they could do anything. Girl was released in the spring of the following year and they dropped one more. Cater 2 U was their fourth and final single from Destiny Fulfilled. Cater 2 U was an award in 2006 and it’s another great track from the ladies. Overall, Destiny Fulfilled is a great album and a nice way for them to exit. Below is the track listing to the album and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. Lose My Breath
  2. Soldier ft. Lil Wayne & T.I.
  3. Cater 2 U
  4. T-Shirt
  5. Is She the Reason
  6. Girl
  7. Bad Habit
  8. If
  9. Free
  10. Through with Love
  11. Love

Where are my Destiny’s Child fans? Do you remember their final studio album, Destiny Fulfilled? What’s your favorite track off the album? How would you rank it amongst their other albums? Leave some feedback below about anything related to Destiny’s Child or their Destiny Fulfilled album.

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