How to Train your Dog Most Effectively?
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How to Train your Dog Most Effectively?

How to Train your Dog Most Effectively?

Being a dog owner means having a loyal companion, looking after you for a very long time. However, it also suggests spending a large portion of your spare time in keeping track of its health by taking regular trips to the vet as well as providing a balanced nutrition.

There is supposed to be a special bond between dogs and their owners. Similarly to other pets, dogs require special attention in the form of playing games or going for walks. Anyhow, perhaps the best way of creating a special connection is training.

By training your dog, you’re teaching it to be obedient and behave in accordance with the commands you give to him. This method is not only beneficial for the pet owner, but also for the pets themselves as dogs especially like following a set of rules.

Many people hire trainers or attend training classes, but not everyone can afford to set some money aside for an activity which they are perfectly able to perform by themselves. All you need is a good plan, loads of free time and a fixed schedule which you are supposed to respect.

If you’re interested in commencing the training sessions, the tips below will show you the way.

Get the basic equipment

Dog training doesn’t require costly or specific equipment as the only pieces you’ll definitely have to purchase are a collar and a leash. Make sure your dog is comfortable with both objects, as otherwise the training is doomed from the beginning.

Other things you are going to need are some toys and snacks which will serve to reward its appropriate behavior. The easiest way of acquiring these treats is by purchasing them from a pet shop, where you are offered a large selection to choose from.

Pick a method

Although there’re numerous books and videos on dog coaching techniques, the most useful technique which yields only successful results, is positive reinforcement. This method indicates rewarding your pet every time it performs the intended command. Use the toys and snacks as rewards, but introduce them gradually in order to keep your pet’s interest alive.

How to Train your Dog Most Effectively?

Regardless of which teaching method you chose, socialization should be an indispensable part of coaching. It’s essential to begin its socialization since early age in order to grow accustomed to people more easily.  Use every situation possible to introduce it to people of all ages and both genders, wearing various types of clothing in different colors. Read more about the importance of dogs’ socialization.

In addition, you should also expose it to traffic noises, people’s conversation or the sound of household appliances, so that it feels unafraid of the normal environmental noises.

Follow a routine

Dogs are big fans of routine, so you have to be consistent in following the schedule you set up in the beginning of your training. Use fixed time during weekdays for taking your puppy for a walk and for giving its meals.

If you have another schedule valid for the weekend, then keep to it as your dog will notice the difference.  As much as you hate cleaning pet hair, your puppy will also know when it’s the right time for grooming or having a bath. Don’t try disrupting its habitual behavior, as it’ll immediately show signs of anxiety and aggression.

Teach some basic commands

The essential commands which every dog should know are obeying when its owner tells it to sit, stay down, come to him/her, leave some object on the ground or stop barking. In order for your puppy to learn these commands, you’re supposed to devote about five minutes a day on practicing each command.  The training cycles shouldn’t be longer, as pets like children get bored easily.

After mastering these techniques, you can try teaching it some interesting tricks like shaking hands or standing on its back legs. However, don’t stop revising the commands at least couple of times a week, as pets have tendency of forgetting them due to lack of practice.

It’s extremely important to maintain a positive attitude through the complete training session and not show dissatisfaction or anger when your puppy doesn’t do everything according to your plan. If you punish it for its improper behavior, then it’ll get even more puzzled and show aggression. In these situations it’s wise to redirect its attention to something else by revising some of the commands it knows.  Give it a treat in order to keep its motivation.

Wrap up

Dog training is not a piece of cake, especially for pet owners who lack time and consistency in their work schedule. It requires setting up a strict routine and following it, as your pet will know if you’re altering its habit. Employ this training to make your bond stronger than ever!

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