Nas Street’s Disciple Released 15 Years Ago
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Nas Street’s Disciple Released 15 Years Ago

Nas Street’s Disciple Released 15 Years Ago

15 years ago was a nice day if you’re a fan of hip hop. We already covered that T.I. dropped his Urban Legend project on this day. My favorite rapper alive, Nas released his seventh album Street’s Disciple. Street’s Disciple was a double album dropped by Nas and it received mixed reviews. While Street’s Disciple isn’t one of my top 5 Nas albums it’s still a solid effort. Street’s Disciple was the follow-up to his incredibly dope God’s Son album. Thief’s Theme was the first official single from Street’s Disciple, and it was released about five months before the album dropped. Thief’s Theme was a nice track and remember it being on several mixtapes during that time. While we all waited on the album in what seemed forever, Nas dropped another single. Bridging the Gap was the second single released and it featured the dad of Nas.

Olu Dara is Nas’s father and it was cool hearing them together on Bridging the Gap. Almost two months later, Street’s Disciple dropped, and it eventually sold over a million copies. The album marked the seventh consecutive platinum. Just a Moment was the third and final single released off the album. Just a Moment featured his protégé Quan and it was another dope track. The original version has Quan with the first and last verses. In the video, Quan only got the first and Nas finished with the last two verses. Either way, great track and one of the better songs on the album. I’d been happy with a single disc for Street’s Disciple. Below is the track listing and its followed by the stream links below.

Disc 1

  1. Intro
  2. A Message to the Feds, Sincerely, We the People
  3. Nazareth Savage
  4. American Way ft. Kelis
  5. These Are Our Heroes
  6. Disciple
  7. Sekou Story ft. Scarlett
  8. Live Now ft. Scarlett
  9. Rest of My Life ft. Amerie
  10. Just A Moment ft. Quan
  11. Reason ft. Emily
  12. You Know My Style

Disc 2

  1. Suicide Bounce ft. Busta Rhymes
  2. Street’s Disciple ft. Olu Dara
  3. B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)
  4. Virgo ft. Doug E. Fresh & Ludacris
  5. Remember the Times (Intro)
  6. Remember the Times
  7. The Makings of a Perfect Bitch
  8. Getting Married
  9. No One Else in the Room ft. Maxwell
  10. Bridging the Gap ft. Olu Dara
  11. War ft. Keon Bryce
  12. Me & You (Dedicated to Destiny)
  13. Thief’s Theme

Where are all my Nas fans? Do you remember his Street’s Disciple album? What’s your favorite track off the album? Leave some feedback below about the album or anything related to Nas.

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