Getting Our Children Into The Things We Loved As Kids

Getting Our Children Into The Things We Loved As Kids

Getting Our Children Into The Things We Loved As Kids

Sharing interests with our children can help to nurture that bond. And for many father-son activities, there are usually little things that we know are a safe bet, like cars. But when we start to think about getting our kids into the things that we loved when we were children, is this actually feasible? After all of the things that were popular 20 years ago or more might seem a bit outdated to our kids. But if we’re trying to get our children into things that we loved as kids, what are the best ways to go about it?

Make It Age-appropriate

As much as we’d like to get our kids into things like Ghostbusters, we have to remember that even though we think they’re ready, it could prove a little bit too much for them. With something like Star Wars, we could think that because the vast majority of the films are suitable for everyone, the cartoon violence may be okay. But, exercise due diligence. It’s worth showing them something like the Star Wars fan site, and if they are showing an interest, you are good to go!

Try the Toys

When it’s something like a film, it’s about getting them involved with the toys, the games, the tie-ins, just to see if they will enjoy them. A very good example with regards to Star Wars is the LEGO Star Wars games. Because they are easily accessible, this can provide a good entryway. It’s also worth about action figures, as well as the tie in cartoons. And with something like Star Wars, while you may very well not like The Clone Wars, but, if it is a perfect opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your child, being immersed in the Star Wars universe, this provides a useful grounding.

Be Prepared To Fail

And what if we don’t get our kids into the things that we like? It’s not a given; if you liked it when you were younger, it’s not to say that they will too. It is important that we don’t force it upon our children, but also realize that if they don’t like it then it wasn’t meant to be. Our children will have their own specific tastes, and yes, while you might feel that it’s a perfect opportunity for you both to bond over something, if you don’t have the same views on something, maybe you can try something that’s not related to your childhood. Perhaps this is the opportunity to use the time we have together to try something that they like, and get yourself involved in their activities.

Getting our children into the things that we loved when we were kids is a great idea in theory but it’s not always going to pan out the way you want. As our children find their own way in life, we have to think about why we want to get our children involved in the things that we liked when we were kids. Is it because we’re trying to relive our childhood? If that’s the case, it’s time to let it go.

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