Z Ro Still My Life for Throwback Thursday
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The Legendary Z Ro Still My Life for Throwback Thursday

Z Ro Still My Life for Throwback Thursday

One of the most slept-on rappers in my opinion is him. Z-Ro has been called the 2Pac of the South and a member of the Screwed Up Click. He has been in the game over 20 years and put out countless projects over the years. He’s put out over 20 solo projects and countless collaborative and compilation joints. He was a mainstay on Rap-A-Lot Records for about 10 years. For my Throwback Thursday, we’re going back to the year 2000 and his second album. Z Ro vs. The World was the album and it was the first time hearing his music. If you have heard or followed him, you can hear that he was heavily influenced by Pac. The featured track is called Still My Life. Still My Life is one of the many gems from the Z Ro vs. The World project.

Are you familiar with Z Ro? What tracks or albums are your familiar with? What do you think about the featured track, Still My Life? Leave some feedback below about anything related to him or the featured track. Show love to a legendary MC that doesn’t get the props he deserves.

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