2Pac Loyal to the Game Released 15 Years Ago Today
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2Pac Loyal to the Game Released 15 Years Ago Today

2Pac Loyal to the Game Released 15 Years Ago Today

I’ve stated many times over the years that 2Pac is my all-time favorite artists not just rapper. 15 years ago, 2Pac released his ninth album and the fifth that was dropped posthumously. For this project, Eminem wrote a letter to Afeni to let her know how influential Pac was to him. In the letter, Eminem stated that he’d be honored to produce the entire album and she obliged. The first single from the project featured Nate Dogg and it was called Thugs Get Lonely Too. The original track was recorded during the Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z and Thug Life era. The single dropped a few days after the 8th anniversary of Pac’s passing. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan of the track, but it grew on over time. The only other single from the album featured Elton John and it was called Ghetto Gospel.

Ghetto Gospel is probably one of my favorite tracks off Loyal to the Game. Pac wrote the song as an outcry to “end the war on the streets”, addressing the futility of racial difference and dissidence, particularly under the unifying banner of poverty. He also pays tribute to murdered black activists Malcolm X and Bobby Hutton in the song. Many of the songs from Loyal to the Game was previously released, but remixed. The title track originally featured Trach from Naughty by Nature and it appeared on the Above the Rim Soundtrack. Eminem, Jadakiss, G-Unit, Nate Dogg, DJ Quik, Ron Isley, The Outlawz, Obie Trice, Sleepy Brown and Raphael Saadiq appeared on the album. Loyal to the Game was the #1 album in the country when it was released and eventually went platinum. Below is the track listing and it’s followed by the stream links.

  1. Soldier Like Me ft. Eminem
  2. The Uppercut ft. E.D.I. Mean & Young Noble
  3. Out on Bail
  4. Ghetto Gospel
  5. Black Cotton ft. Eminem, Kastro & Young Noble
  6. Loyal to the Game ft. G-Unit
  7. Thugs Get Lonely Too ft. Nate Dogg
  8. I.G.G.A. ft. Jadakiss
  9. Who Do You Love?
  10. Crooked Nigga Too
  11. Don’t You Trust Me
  12. Hennessey ft. Obie Trice
  13. Thug 4 Life
  14. Po Nigga Blues *Scott Storch Remix) ft. Ron Isley
  15. Hennessey (Red Spyda Remix) ft. E.D.I. Mean & Sleepy Brown
  16. Crooked Nigga Too (Raphael Saadiq Remix) ft. Raphael Saadiq
  17. Loyal to the Game (DJ Quik Remix) ft. Big Syke & DJ Quik

Where are all my 2Pac fans? Do you remember his Loyal to the Game album? What are your thoughts about the Eminem produced Loyal to the Game project? Leave some feedback below about anything related to 2Pac or the Loyal to the Game album.

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