Reasons to Become a Gentleman Gardener
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6 Reasons to Become a Gentleman Gardener

Reasons to Become a Gentleman Gardener

When it comes to manly pastimes during warm weather, activities like gardening rarely make the list. This might not be too shocking of a revelation, but it should be. Some of the most renowned men in history have been proud gardeners first and foremost. Horticulture has long been considered a measure of a man’s discipline and dedication. If you can manage and maintain a garden, you’re showing that you can handle responsibilities.

While gardens are taken less seriously in modern times, gardening is still considered a challenging and very rewarding hobby. Here are some reasons why you should consider creating a garden of your own.

1.      Build a relaxing oasis

After a hard day at work, it’s nice to have a place to relax and unwind. For some people, this can be their bedroom or bathroom, while others will prefer a more natural backdrop for their relaxation. If you like to bask in the sun and enjoy some fresh air to unwind, why not build yourself an oasis of your own?

Outdoor areas are especially good for calming and relaxation. Being surrounded by the look and feel of nature helps soothe your mind and helps you forget about your problems for a short while. Your garden could be the ideal relaxation zone for your everyday needs. You just need to activate your green thumb and get to work!

2.      Be practical with your design

Gardens are more than just the aesthetic centerpiece of your backyard, they’re also practical elements that can contribute to your home. There’s a slight difference in how men and women perceive their gardens. Women will pay attention to the practical part of their garden design, but they will put extra emphasis on color and aesthetics when choosing their plant and floral arrangements. You could also plant some trees to go along with your plants. If your tree planting isn’t up to far, check out Roseville arborists for tree planting for assistance.

When men get down to gardening, it’s often all about introducing practical and convenient garden additions. Everything from useful plants to shade trees would be on the gardener’s repertoire. Trees can hold hammocks and these can help you relax even more. As long as it can fit in the garden and help you enjoy it more, anything goes. Plus, gardening additions can help increase the value of your home.

3.      Eat healthy and natural

Whenever you buy food at the supermarket, you never really know what you’re getting. Nowadays, people are aiming to eat food that is both natural and organic to avoid any contact with harmful pesticides. You can’t guarantee that the organic food you get at the store is really organic. Cross-contamination and tainted produce are real problems in large-scale organic farming, which means you aren’t always getting what you need.

When you grow your own food, there’s no doubt about its authenticity. You get exactly what you put into the garden. For this reason, you can’t go wrong with growing some food of your own. A couple of healthy veggies in your garden would make for some good and healthy cooking.

4.      Enjoy the fruit of your labor

Speaking of the culinary arts, there’s nothing quite like cooking up a whole meal using nothing but the ingredients you grew yourself. Very rarely do people feed themselves with only the food they’ve grown in their garden, but it’s something you can easily achieve with a bit of effort.

Check out some of your favorite recipes and figure out which ingredients you can grow from the comfort of your own garden. Chances are, you’ll be able to recreate most of the recipes without issue. With the right soil, you can grow a wide variety of ingredients featured in common recipes. A garden gives you a degree of self-sufficiency when it comes to cooking.

5.      Keep cozy in the winter

It’s getting pretty cold in lots of places around the world, which makes gardening pretty difficult. The weather doesn’t exactly favor a lot of growth during winter. However, that only applies if you’re growing your plants outdoors. There’s nothing stopping you from bringing some nature inside your house.

There’s no shortage of creative indoor garden ideas that you can choose from. Indoor hanging gardens, flower wreaths, and living walls are examples that can make your indoor oasis greener and more pleasant. Find the right kinds of pots and dirt and you shouldn’t have much issue crafting a custom indoor garden for your home.

6.      Get a good workout

Gardening isn’t often seen as a manly activity to partake in. This only demonstrates how little most people know about actual gardening. It’s not easy work in any sense of the word. Gardening requires lots of physical work and dedication. It’s a full-fledged workout disguised as an artsy activity. To take care of a garden on your own, you have to constantly shovel dirt around, move plants, and pull some tough weeds out of the ground.

While you’re gardening, you might as well treat it as a workout. Get some clothes you don’t mind dirtying up and get to work on your lush oasis. If you try to get all the work done in a short span of time, you’ll quickly note how demanding it can be. A lot of people neglect their gardens simply because they don’t have the strength or energy to take care of it. You can take this opportunity to get a pretty good workout by setting some ambitious goals for your garden. It’s going to feel even more fulfilling when you work on both your garden and your body.


Men have long turned to gardening for peace and relaxing work. It’s a time-honored tradition that had only recently gone out of fashion. Bring it back with style by growing the perfect garden from scratch. If you put in some effort and get your hands dirty, you might just be able to create a dream garden that you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.


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