The Temptations Silent Night for Throwback Thursday
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The Temptations Silent Night for Throwback Thursday

The Temptations Silent Night for Throwback Thursday

We’re less than a week away until Christmas. Now that I’m a father, Christmas has been amazing to be able to spend time with my family. Growing up, there’s still many memories embedded in my mind when it comes to Christmas. First off, this time of year I’ll do a fair share of reminiscing about family members and friends who are no longer here. Next month it’ll be five years since my father passed away and man do I miss him. One of my fondest memories was him playing Motown Christmas music. Even till this day, it doesn’t feel like Christmas until I watch my usual Christmas cartoons and music.

My dads favorite Christmas song is by the Temptations and it’s called Silent Night. It has become such a tradition in the family that the grand kids know when they hear the song, they think of papa. For Throwback Thursday and seeing Christmas is less than a week away, Silent Night by the Temptations is the song. Merry Christmas everyone and hope you enjoy this classic track.


Are you ready for Christmas? Do you and your family like listening to Christmas music? Any particular songs that stand out to you? Are you familiar with the Temptations and Silent Night? Leave some feedback below about Silent Night and anything Christmas related.

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