Purchasing New Phone Case for New Smartphone
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Purchasing New Phone Case for New Smartphone

Purchasing New Phone Case for New Smartphone

Christmas is right around the corner and a lot of people are getting new phones as their big item for Christmas. With phones costing in the thousands, sometimes we all forget to protect them. I’ve been guilty in the past and unfortunately, my iPhone was dropped and broken. Let me say, getting those phones are expensive and it wasn’t covered under Apple Care. There are so many places to get those protective cases, but they’re only good short-term. I’ve been guilty of grabbing worthless cases at the local store and need a new one a couple weeks later. We all need a place to get a case that backs their product 100% and offers customer service. After searching several sites, we finally found https://www.supcase.com/ and they have protection for all phones including the new ones. Check out why you should check out Supcase to purchase your next phone case.

Free Shipping

We all love to pay a competitive price when ordering online, but the shipping is the selling point. If you’re ordering in the United States, the entire order is free. With Supcase, this is no gimmick or a one-time thing the shipping is free.

Customer Service

If you have questions, concerns or complaints, you have full support of customer service. You can either call or email them or you could shoot them a DM on social media.


All products ordered from Supcase carry a 1-year warranty. If you happen to break or damage your case within a year, they’ll replace it.


If for some reason you’re not happy with your case, there’s no need to worry. Supcase has a 30 day return policy if you want to return for full refund or exchange.


Supcase is the place to go for your next phone case. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive 10% off your first order. Remember, Supcase has cases for iPads and tablets also.

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