6 Steps to Follow While Establishing a Home Cleaning Business
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6 Steps to Follow While Establishing a Home Cleaning Business

6 Steps to Follow While Establishing a Home Cleaning Business

There is a huge profit earned with less start-up cost while starting a home cleaning business. Before doing anything else, you are required to have a proper permit, insurance cover, marketing strategy, a great plan and the required cleaning supplies. For those looking to join this lucrative business, below are a few steps that can get you started.

1. Come up with a budget

Before you start, you will need some capital to invest. While writing a budget, you should pit in mind the cost incurred for insurance, labor, advertising, permits and licensing, and cleaning products and equipment. Having considered all these, you are good to go. It is advisable that you have some money set aside to cover your new venture before it starts earning you any profits. You can also see this link for more tips about what you need when establishing a new business http://www.bisworld.info/running-the-business/1/20-Factors-and-Steps-to-Consider-Before-Starting-a-Business/

2. Have a structure

Before you start operating your business, you need to have it registered. This is important because it is a requirement when you want to do things like opening a bank account, hiring employees, or loan applications. The registration entails; selecting a legit work structure, planning and proper name brand.

  • The best legal business structure

The well-known structures for small enterprises are limited liability companies (LLCs) and sole proprietorship. In the sole proprietorship, you are the only person who controls your business.

In this case you are the only person responsible if your company goes under because of the debt which would put your personal assets at risk. If you choose to register your business as limited liability company, it gives you protection from personal assets.

This means that in the case where your business goes under due to debts, your personal liability will be protected. However, its tax structure is more complicated and the start-up cost is a little bit higher compared to the sole proprietorship.

  • Tax plan

The taxes you will be paying depends on the type of company you have registered. If you listed as a sole proprietor, you are not required to comply a split tax report for your firm’s losses and profits.

Your personal and business taxes are considered the same. In the LLC taxes, your firm is taxed as partnership, C Corporation, sole proprietorship or S corporation depending on the variables and what makes sense for your business.

  • Selecting a proper name

While choosing a name for your organization, select something you really love because you will be using it for a very long time. The name can reflect on the kind of cleaning services you will be offering, ideal of the company or even your name.

3. Attain the proper insurance and licenses

Business permits can be different depending on the area you reside. It might be an intimidating process especially if you are a fist-time applicant. However, the process is straightforward and only takes a few days. Accidents can happen while you are doing the cleaning. For instance, your employee can unintentionally damage a mirror. In this case, liability insurance will help you protect your organization if any accident happens.

6 Steps to Follow While Establishing a Home Cleaning Business

4. Buy cleaning equipment and products

It is important to purchase the supplies and tools that you will be using. You should buy effective and powerful cleaning equipment and while doing that put into consideration your client’s needs. When launching your organization, you can buy the things you need at the nearby groceries as you figure out on the supplies you prefer. Nevertheless, as your company grows, you will learn on which supplies works best. Hence, you can buy your products in bulk from a nearby janitorial supplier or a wholesaler. It is advisable to cut the cost incurred while buying your products so that you will earn more profit. You could also think bigger by coming out with a product of your own. You could market it and even sell it on Amazon for extra income.

5. Set your model and rates

Some factors like; your competition, location, size and the condition of the house, clientele will determine the fee you will charge. For an extra charge you can offer up upgrade services like appliance cleaning. It is necessary to have an easy way to bill your customers for you to get paid on time.

6. Market your company

You can decide to work together with a real estate agent or local contractors so they can recommend you to their customers. You can use online marketing. Open a website for your business where you will list the services you offer, the location you cover and also your contact information. Click here to see a few marketing strategies you can use.


Setting up your own business is a good idea as you will incur low start-up cost and also helps in creating job opportunities for yourself and other people as well. With all that in consideration, you will be able to start up any kind of business without any major challenges.

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