Is Smart Solar Box a Scam, Find out more
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Is Smart Solar Box a Scam, Find out more

Is Smart Solar Box a Scam, Find out more

What is Solar?

What is known as solar power, or ‘sun’ power, is how we change the sunlight and turn it into electricity. Read about it here for a more in-depth look into the process.

This electricity can be made in two ways. Directly using a more technical system of photovoltaics, or indirectly with the help of mirrors or lenses or most popular, solar panels.

Using the panels, a large area of light that is shining onto the lenses is then concentrated and focused into a small beam. Kind of like when you used to play with a magnifying glass in the garden and focus the sun through the lens to singe ants as they walked past. But less dramatically.


What are Solar Panels?

One panel is made up of a collection of solar cells. If you have a big enough area filled with these cells, they can work together to make a significant amount of power.

The more light that hits the cells, the more electricity it can generate. This is why we see fields of solar panels in some countries, using as many cells as possible for maximum electricity and power generating.


What do these Panels Cost?

The best way, and as close to accurate as you will get without actually installing the solar panels, to figure out how much you are going to have to dish out is by finding out the cost per watt.

What this means is that if each watt costs around $2.99, and the average size when it comes to a solar panel system is around 6kW (kilowatts), you are looking at about $12.500 give or take.

Of course, this depends on the size area you are looking to cover or power-up, and the make and model you decide to choose. This quick video will give you a breakdown of all the factors you will need to consider before choosing a solar energy system.

Is Smart Solar Box a Scam, Find out more

Why are people Using Solar Panels?

  • Renewable Constant Energy. Almost all corners of the world can use sunlight and harness it every day for a power supply. Because we can’t run out of the sun, well we can in a couple of billion years according to scientists which is when the sun is going to die, we have a steady flow of light source.
  • Low Electric Bills. By using the energy from the sun and not a foreign energy source connected to the grid, you will be using less electricity from the grid, and if you make more energy than you use and putting it back into the grid, you could get a refund from the government for your surplus energy.
  • Low maintenance. Besides a general wipe down and dusting once a year from any debris or dust from mother nature, the only thing that will need changing is the inverter, and this is only every 5-10 years and any cables you ‘might’ see that have wear and tear.


The New Kid on the Block.

Lately, there have been hushed conversations and a buzz when it comes to us finding new and innovative energy harvesting methods to help us save costs. Life is getting increasingly expensive, and we need to make changes wherever we can. And because energy and electricity are the main priorities, people are starting to wake up.

There has come about a plan and design devised by an elderly man looking to save some pennies to take care of his family.

It doesn’t take much effort, a quick trip to the hardware store for any parts you might not already have in the garage at home, and a few hours to spare. It’s what is known as a solar box, click here now for history into its founding, the story behind it all and the amazing results it can offer.


What is a Smart Solar Box?

If I had to put the smart solar box into absolutely simple terms , it’s a modified car battery inside of a toolbox that cuts your household electricity bills like a samurai to a watermelon. I was in the minute I heard watermelon.

Is Smart Solar Box a Scam, Find out more

Why Choose a Smart Solar Box?

  • It’s compact. No more 1000square foot system that can be an eyesore to the neighbors if they are not fans, or go against the aesthetics of your personally designed home. It is small, easy to move around and can be tucked away.
  • Portable. This is a big plus for me, besides the kids needing nonstop power for those electronics glued to their hands, power outages seem to be on the rise. This ‘tool-box’ can be packed up into the boot of your car and taken with you wherever you go. No more being stranded powerless. Literally.
  • Cost. Just by the sheer size of it, you will see it’s going to cost less to install and build. Plus, not everyone has over 15K lying around for a full roof of solar panels. It’s easy on the wallet initially, and in the long run in electricity bills. Win all round.
  • You will need to give a bit of a hoover inside the toolbox as this thing runs forever. You might even forget about it. But because there are no moving parts, there won’t be much to fix.
  • This device could save you in a tricky situation. A power surge could last days. No more waiting around for the government to take action. You need to protect the ones you love. Medical machines or even the fridge for food is not going to run on hope.


This list is a fraction of the benefits and advantages of what it can do for you, your family and your future. This detailed blog on the solar box and its perks are a must-read. Why wouldn’t you want to find a way to save money and cut costs?

Those extra funds you now have available can be used to treating the family to a vacation or a much-needed weekend away for you and your partner. After all, isn’t that what life is all about?

Making the most of the one we have.

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