Everything You Need To Know About the Battery Life and Charging Your AirPods Pro

Everything You Need To Know About the Battery Life and Charging Your AirPods Pro

Everything You Need To Know About the Battery Life and Charging Your AirPods Pro

If you were prepared to cash out $249 for the newest AirPods Pro, you should also be prepared to take the best care of them to ensure they serve you well for some time. That includes making the most out of their battery life and charging them properly, and right choice AirPods case cover.

When they were released in October 2019, Apple boasted with improvements of most features and the introduction of some new ones. The sound of AirPods Pro was much better, with the new noise-cancellation option. The one-size-fits-all approach was abandoned and they have become customizable (from small to large sizes). They have even succeeded in making them water-resistant. It seemed like they have succeeded in making the perfect wireless earbuds.

But no one is perfect

What seems to cause the most difficulties to all tech companies out there is the battery. No matter how much resources they invest, prolonging battery life remains the biggest challenge of them all. This is also true for Apple and their most-popular accessory of all times.

The total increase of 1 hour of listening time on one charge (from 4.5 with AirPods to 5.5 hours on AirPods Pro) is pretty disappointing. Not to mention that the 24+ hours of listening time with the wireless charging case has not been improved. But considering that no one is making much progress when it comes to battery life, we can let this one go.

So what it is that you can do?

There are certain things you can do to make sure you are using your AirPods Pro most efficiently. Here are some essentials when it comes to charging your AirPods Pro and making the most out of their batter life.

  1. They are charged the same as the previous AirPods – with their charging case. You can charge them multiple times.

To know whether they are fully charged, just look at the LED status light. If it´s green, they´re fully charged, if it´s amber, leave them a bit more in the case.

  1. You AirPods Pro will let you know when they´re running low by making a sound in one or both of them. One sound means the battery is low, the second sound means they´re off.


  1. You can check your AirPods Pro battery level in a few ways.


With Apple devices (iPhone or iPad), open the lid of your charging case with the AirPods Pro inside close to your device. After a few seconds, you will see the charge status.

With a Mac, either open the lid of the case or take out your AirPods Pro, then in the menu bar of your Mac click on the Bluetooth icon, and hover with your cursor over your AirPods to see the current battery level.

For Android, you need to install a third-party app.

  1. There are two ways to charge your AirPods Pro charging case – with or without a cable.

Your AirPods Pro come with their own lightning cable which connects your charging case to a USB charger or a port. They charge the fastest with Apple´s charger (iPhone´s or iPad´s) or when connected directly to a Mac.

Wirelessly, they can be charged with a Qi-certified charging mat. To be able to check on the charging status, place the charging case with the lid closed and the status light facing up. You can just tap on it to see either a green (fully charged) or amber (still charging) light.

A great advantage of the AirPods Pro is that you can charge them anywhere, anytime. Just keep your charging case with you at all times and make a habit of placing them in their charging case whenever you´re not using them to make sure they´re always fully charged.

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