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4 Useful Tips When Digital Marketing for Jewelry Company

Digital Marketing for Jewelry Company

With the emergence and acceptance of online buying fine jewelry within the last decade, it’s crucial that each jewelry business has a web presence. And that’s just the beginning – an analysis by McKinsey & Company reveals that buying jewelry will become even more competitive with a complete of 12% of all sales processed through online channels by 2020. That’s a whopping increase of 200% from 6% in 2014!

So how are you able to maximize your jewelry business’ potential during this rapidly growing space of e-commerce?

Don’t worry as we’ve got you covered! For this blog post, jewelry marketing company has  focuses on digital solutions catered to jewelry businesses and he has generously shed some light on a number of the key digital marketing strategies he utilizes successfully together with his clients.

1. Database Reactivation & Analysis

Database reactivation is the maximization of an existing client database. This involves an analysis of an existing database of clients for trends and ranking of clients so as of most precious to least valuable. With the info organized, automated follow-up systems are wont to reach bent previous customers for the optimal results e.g. for Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, etc.

2. Web traffic

One of the most important secondary pieces of database reactivation is having the ability to require what we all know about our current clients, from the foremost valuable client we’ve ever had to the littlest of clients, and use that data to be ready to target similar individuals online through paid social media, Google, and other online strategies. Some of your online strategies may include ramping up your social media presence. One place to find potential customers is Instagram, which mean you’ll need Instagram followers and promoting interactions with your posts.

3. Lead Nurturing & Follow Up Processes

Getting the knowledge together in actionable datasets is simply the primary piece of the puzzle that we work on for our clients. What really sets the jewelry Marketer apart is that the follow-up system that we’ve put in situ. It’s one thing to deliver results in our clients, which honestly, became a commodity among marketing agencies within the previous couple of years.

It’s an entire system entirely once we use automated nurturing tools to warm those leads up with text messages, emails, and even voicemails before the customer ever speaks to anyone within the store. This has tripled many of our clients’ close ratios, and for a few, even quadrupled their in-store close ratio. Many jewelers simply don’t have the proper steps in situ to follow abreast of a uniform basis with leads, and if they’re following up, they’re not measuring it as a part of the marketing and sales system.

This is often an enormous step within the sales funnel that a lot of people see instant results from when working with the jewelry Marketer.

4. Steady Social Engagement

We also provide turnkey social media engagement with regular posts on Instagram and Facebook. this is often where the lightboxes really inherit play so customers can share absolutely the absolute best photographs and videos of their jewelry from our clients. We’ve found that photography is often the most important difference for our clients because jewelry may be a completely aspirational purchase. People don’t check out jewelry and think, “yeah, I would like the kind-of-okay diamond ring.”

They need the most important and best diamond that basically pops. Photography may be a key element to sharing our clients’ capabilities, and for those who have started using the lightbox, they’ve seen a dramatic difference within the engagement levels of their photos.

On a side note, one among the items that we didn’t even plan on with our first client who used the light box was customers eager to take photos and videos of their jewelry at the time of pickup. They like to get a high-resolution video of it spinning on the turntable, also as still photos, that they will share on their own personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, resulting in more referrals also.

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